Tangy Tuesday Picks – Oct. 29, 2013.

Tangy TuesdaysHello Bloggers! We’re happy to inform you that both the contests for Smart Suraksha and both the contests for Delhi Manifesto have been extended till November 6, 2013. We look forward to your active participation! 😀 Presenting the Tangy Tuesday Picks for the week written by Bloggers in India. Happy Reading!

    • Who: Ashwin Kumar
      What: Things need to change… for Good
      Tangy: Ashwin writes a post where he talks about the dissatisfaction he has towards the Indian society today. There are people who are jealous, hateful and downright judgmental. It is one place where one’s success is looked down upon and anything experimented is only criticized.

    • Who: Krishna Das
      What: Words
      Tangy: Krishna writes an amazing poem about a thing as simple as words, something we use, so often to express everything we wish to convey! This one is a nicely written poem.

    • Who: Sweety Pateliya
      What: Battle between fate and me.
      Tangy: Sweety writes a brilliant poem about a battle between her plans and her fate. She decides this time to fight back against what her destiny has in store for her and instead work hard towards achieving what she wants and the way she wants it.

    • Who: Aneesh S.
      WhatThe Charm of Chennai
      Tangy: Aneesh writes a very amusing post describing the charm of Chennai! He talks about the people and about a local bus journey and his plight. A fun post to read!

    • Who: ChaiPakora AndGupshup
      What: Fall
      Tangy: A very interesting write up revolving around the word Fall! This one is precise and the end, awesome!

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