Getting To Know You Better – BlogAdda Study 2013

The relationship we share with you grows stronger with time!

Getting to know you better - Indian Bloggers

Even today, our team is all excited when we have exciting and innovative opportunities to bring your way! We love it when you bloggers participate in these activities with the same enthusiasm. You are what makes thousands of readers happy! Innumerable blogging newbies see your blogs and dream of reaching where you are today!

The most comprehensive study of the blogosphere has been undertaken by us. We’re making this small effort to know you better so that we are able to serve you better! We wish to bring your way more opportunities and hope to help the blogging sphere, on the whole, grow and reach very high pinnacles.

We request you to remove just 10-15 minutes from your time and fill in this survey for us.

The blogosphere in India today sure seems in very good hands, Yours!

Why not work together and make it better?

BlogAdda through their Facebook and Twitter will feature and promote 100 Lucky Indian Bloggers who fill in this survey for us!

Click here to take survey

Like always, we look forward to your kind co-operation and support!

20 Replies to “Getting To Know You Better – BlogAdda Study 2013”

  1. Liked the survey ! understood many aspects of blogging as well , but i wonder what is the application of this survey results exactly ?

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