Delhi : You Suggest!

Voicing issues doesn’t solve them!  

There is a plan to be made. There is a process that needs to be followed. There is an action that needs to be taken.

Everybody is so willing and ready to criticize or complain about everything. On the other hand, there are very few people who want to actually take a problem in their hands and try to solve it. We are not suggesting you take it in your hand and solve it, but only saying that along with the issues, you need to voice your valuable solutions as well. There are enough who talk about the issues and stop, we encourage you to think of solutions too!


You’ve seen the problems around you and discussed the issues in your Delhi Manifesto that you think need to be addressed and improved at the earliest. Have you ever tried pondering over these issues and wondering how these could actually be solved? If not, here’s your chance to make a difference! Reflect on all the issues you have mentioned and try to provide practical solutions about the same.

There’s an example to be set for the whole nation to see and follow and it can’t be done without your, that is, the bloggers’ help! Come on Delhi, don your thinking hats and go beyond just voicing the issues. Let’s make Delhi better! How? You Suggest!

The Prizes to be won for this contest are as follows:

  • 1 Best entry will win an iPad Mini 16 GB with Wi-Fi.
  • 15 Fantastic posts will win Flipkart Vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each.
  • 50 valid entries will win Early bird Vouchers from BookMyShow worth Rs.200 each.

If you’ve missed out on the My Delhi Manifesto Contest, we would like to encourage you to participate in the same because you can voice your issues there and then provide the respective solutions for the issues and send it as an entry for this activity. We’re happy to inform you that if you participate in the first as well as second phase of the My Delhi Manifesto Contest, you are eligible for a Grand Prize as well, apart from the ones mentioned above.

  • The Grand Prize for this activity is Nokia Lumia 920 Phone.

Kindly include this code in the post:

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

Give Us Your Valuable Solutions Now!

Make Your Delhi, a little more your own!

Entries for this contest are open till November 6, 2013.

Terms and Conditions. (PDF)


24 Replies to “Delhi : You Suggest!”

  1. This is a separate contest than the previous Manifesto one? Or is it the part of that contest and we have to complete our previous enteries offering a solution to the problems we have described?

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