Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sept. 17, 2013.

Tangy TuesdaysThere is a lot happening this week! The prices for food commodities are soaring up. All the news you majorly see around is related to politics. Bigg Boss, the controversial reality show is back with its  seventh season. Let us know your views regarding the same. We’re here with the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week written by Indian bloggers. Happy Reading! 🙂

    • Who: Ruminating Optimist
      What: An Eventful Journey…
      Tangy: Ruminating Optimist writes a very interesting post where he observes the people on a journey and notices all the different behaviour. It is a fun read because everytime you have travelled, you are sure to have had a similar experience.

    • Who: Reema Dsouza
      What: The Dream
      Tangy: Reema writes a brilliant poem this week where she says and believes that we should do something and make a mark in the world before it is too late.

    • Who: Naina Madan
      What: The perfect punctuation mark
      Tangy: Naina writes an extremely humorous post which everyone is sure to relate to! The social networking website, Facebook reminds you whose birthday it is but you as an individual always wonder how is the best possible way to send in your birthday wish which also complements the relation you share with that person.

    • Who: Amit Sharma
      What:Chronicles of Dearth : The case of missing Yaun-doms
      Tangy: Amit writes a post where he talks of an imaginary planet, Dearth and about the issues faced by the planet. There is a strong resemblance to our planet earth and he has written his post in an extremely humorous way. Amit through this post has you in splits!

    • Who: Remya
      What: My little Joys
      Tangy: Remya writes a poem where she talks about celebrating the little things in life and deriving happiness from them. It is a feel-good post!

    • Who: Sarthak Ahuja
      What: Being your plastic bag
      Tangy: Sarthak writes an awesome post from the point of view of being the plastic bag we use everyday. He writes it with a view of being Eco-friendly and getting people to stop using plastic bags. His articles is very nicely done!

    • Who: Charu Amar
      What: Confession
      Tangy: Charu writes about why she wished for a baby boy instead of a girl! Before you think of anything like a son is always preferred in India, read the post to know the reasons behind her wanting a son. Like all the mothers in India today, she was also scared and worried about the upbringing of her girl child in such an unsafe environment.

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