Spicy Saturday Picks – Sept.14, 2013.

Spicy SaturdayThe last weekend to submit your marvellous blogs for the BlogAdda Blog Awards. We’re excited and looking forward to all the amazing blog entries by Indian bloggers. #CelebrateBlogging with us and we’re sure to make it an unbelievable experience for you!  Here we are with the Spicy Saturday Picks this weekend. Happy Reading 🙂

    • Who: Bharanidharan
      What: Will the war end?
      Spicy: Bharanidharan writes a poem where the actual wars fought between nations is compared to the wars one fights with himself. It is a creative post and very nicely done.

    • Who: Barkha Parikh
      What: Just Keep My Words Alive
      Spicy: Barkha writes an interesting post where she talks about the wish to live forever through her writings. She believes that even when everything else will cease to exist, her writings is what will give love and happiness to her close ones.

    • Who: Anisha Jayadevan
      What: Hallwed Aloe!
      Spicy: Anisha in her blog post talks about her father’s craze about the aloe plant. A strong believer that aloe can cure every ailment, her father tried to get her mother and her to believe the same too. Anisha writes brilliantly and so the post is extremely fun to read!

    • Who: Rickie Khosla
      WhatThe Good Old Khan Market
      Spicy: Rickie writes an extremely funny post imagining how it would be if the Khans of Bollywood have a meet some years into the future! This one is also very creative and calls for a read!

    • Who: Ashwin Kumar
      What: Voice Of Society
      Spicy: Ashwin writes a wonderful post about how every individual somewhat is dependent on the society and the norms created by it, specially women. He believes it is high time the way women are looked at changes and that they be given an equal opportunity to excel.

    • Who: Megha Arora
      What: Ramblings of a troubled Mother
      Spicy: Megha writes a very touching post about how because of the recent list of crimes against women, it worries her to think about bringing up a girl child in such a society where women are not safe.

    • Who: Soumya Prasad
      What: Pretense
      Spicy: Soumya writes a brilliant story which revolves around love , lost love and the want to somehow win it back. The story has a twist and Soumya writes her story amazingly. This one’s an awesome read!

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