Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug 27, 2013

Tangy TuesdaysThis week we celebrate Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna. Dahi Handi, the celebration where human pyramids are formed to break  the  matki placed at a height is also a way of  paying respects to Lord Krishna. It’s a happy week with a lot of celebrations! We add to the festive fervour to #CelebrateBlogging with the Indian Bloggers. We’re here with the Tangy Tuesday Picks of the week!

    • Who: Rajrupa Gupta
      What: So what she was raped? I Don’t Care, Really!
      Tangy: Rajrupa writes a post regarding the recent rape incident that occurred in Mumbai. It leaves every girl in the country scared and furious. This one call for a read!

    • Who: Rahul Rawal
      What: Krishna over Kanhaiya!!
      Tangy: Rahul in his blog post writes about how we are wandering in the search of God everywhere when He is present right between us but we fail to see Him! It qualifies as a very good read as Janmashtami nears.

    • Who: Srishti Kush
      What: Why Feminism?
      Tangy: Srishti writes a blog post explaining what exactly feminism is. It is standing up for women but it doesn’t necessarily translate as anti-men. That is one of the biggest misconception associated with feminism.

    • Who: Divya Prakash Jha
      What: Wish you were here
      Tangy: Divya talks in her post about the role nostalgia plays in everyone’s lives. Memories are something that leave us happy and sad at the same time.

    • Who: Vishal V Kale
      WhatRape! Attitude… or something else?
      Tangy: Vishal in his blog post talks about the disturbing statistics of rape in the country. He also explains that the attitude towards women in the country is pitiful and that is what has to be improved on an almost immediate basis.

    • Who: Vasant G. Benjamin
      What: Why do we die?
      Tangy: Vasant writes in his post how death affects us. He talks about how even if there is death, it is only the absence of the person, but the love never ends. His write up reminds you of the song, ‘Those who are dead are not dead, They’re just living in my head.’

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