Spicy Saturday Picks – August 24, 2013

Spicy Saturday The week hasn’t been quite a good one. India just proved to be unsafe for women yet another time. There was an incident on gang rape reported at evening on 22nd August in Mumbai. It just leaves us disheartened but more so, furious! Don’t you think it’s high time some strict action is taken? What have you to say about this? Let us know.

    • Who: Saru Singhal
      What: A Butterfly’s Dream – Fly High
      Spicy: Saru in her poem affirmatively talks about how life is about getting up and walking even after a fall. You have to go on and achieve your goal by overcoming all the obstacles that come your way without losing hope.

    • Who: Sumanth
      What: Screen Slaves
      Spicy: Sumanth rightly talks about how we today are completely addicted to screens of all sizes and shapes. He believes consciously giving up on screens for sometime of the day and doing something more creative in that time would make our lives more pleasant and interesting.

    • Who: Pradeep P
      What: A shade of Life
      Spicy: Pradeep blogs about the pitiful condition of the women laborers. Their work goes unappreciated but they still have to slog in order to earn enough to feed their families. He writes an amazing poem dedicated to these female workers.

    • Who: Jairam Mohan
      What: Never Again
      Spicy: Jairam Mohan has written an interesting write-up which is set in Indian history. He writes a story about the Jallianwala Baugh Massacre where thousands on Indians were killed by a British General.

    • Who: Proactive Indian
      What: Yes, We Can!
      Spicy: Proactive Indian in his write up nicely blogs about about something amazing he saw in Switzerland. Seeing the present condition, it is pretty obcious that something like that would never happen in India. However, we all have to work towards making it happen in India as well.

    • Who: Bruce Bharani
      What: Night Life
      Spicy: Bruce writes an interesting poem about the people and activities observed at night. Simple everyday sights creatively penned down in a poem.

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