Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug 13, 2013

Tangy Tuesdays It’s the time of the year when our country won independence 67 years ago. What does freedom mean to you on a personal level? Do you actually believe that India is an independent country and that the citizens enjoy that freedom? Tell us what you have to say. Wishing every Indian a Happy Independence Day! We’re here with the Tangy Tuesday Picks of the week, just like India, a lot of variety but still together in the end!

    • Who: Aparna Singh
      What: (F)riend. (L)ove. (A)ttraction. (M)arriage. (E)nemy. (S)ister.
      Tangy: Aparna in her blog post talks about the teenage phase of having a crush and liking someone a lot. FLAMES was like a game played to figure out how you and your crush would end up. Aparna writes very interestingly keeping the college classroom as a background and the end does leave you with a smile!

    • Who: Afshan Shaikh
      What: Face”Book of life” – A new poem
      Tangy: Afshan writes a poem on how the social media website ‘Facebook’ affects the life of all the people. People use Facebook profiles as a method of judging the individuals.There’s a particular way in which someone wants to be perceived and so updating stuff about you on the website makes it possible. Everything you do has to be posted for the world to know is the latest fad it seems.

    • Who: Kalpana Solsi
      What: In the driver’s seat.
      Tangy: Kalpana in this write up talks about a woman who drives a truck across India to earn for a living. She shows her respect for this young woman Yogita who had the courage to enter and survive in this male-dominated profession. She is an inspiration for other women who are afraid of taking a difficult step and gaining control over their lives.

    • Who: Ankush Bhattacharya
      What: B positive
      Tangy: Ankush in his blog post talks about the importance of being positive and staying happy in lives. Most of us today are so cynical and constantly at discomfort with everything happening around. Ankush prefers the time when newspapers had more positive stories than negative ones.

    • Who: Gautami Tripathy
      What: shaking it out, I dance to life
      Tangy: Gautami writes a lovely poem about how she wants to be freed from the society and how she doesn’t want to care about what everybody around thinks of her. She trusts herself with full conviction about doing the right thing and so she believes that nothing else should matter.

    • Who: Jairam Mohan
      What: Apologies and gratitude
      Tangy: In his blog post, Jairam talks about how important it is to use the golden words of Sorry and Thank You. He also says how these manners are forgotten conveniently while dealing with people supposedly less respected in the society. He believes that in the end they also are people and deserve to be treated with the same respect.

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