Spicy Saturday Picks – Aug, 10. ’13

Spicy Saturday It’s the time of the week we all like and this time it is a little longer due to the joyous festival, Eid. The festive time of  the year begins now. Lots of happiness and celebrations coming our way. To add to the amazing fervour we’re here with the Spicy Saturday Picks this weekend. We wish all the members of our blogging community a very happy Eid and an even happier weekend 🙂

    • Who: Aparna Singh
      What: She: Another of them
      Spicy: Aparna in her blog post tells us a story about a girl who faces something as dangerous as an acid attack for no fault of hers. She talks about a typical roadside romeo case wherein the girl in order to avoid her parents from getting worried, hides the whole matter from them. The case in the end is not taken seriously and the girl becomes just another victim like a thousand others.

    • Who: Tushar Agarwal
      What: The Sports Person in Me…or You
      Spicy: Tushar in his write up talks about how important it is to follow your passion apart from your work, in life. He talks about his obsession for playing sports and how he would amazingly remove time even from a busy schedule so that he could play. He gave up on a lot of things that normally other people do so that he could play sports.

    • Who: Vaisakh Venugopal
      What: A note to my past self
      Spicy: Vaisakh writes amazingly about how sometimes your own past can lead to an inspiration. Being bloggers, often many of us suffer from a bloggers’ block. Vaisakh tells us how he overcame his block!

    • Who: Sunita Kurup
      What: How much for a Kidney???
      Spicy: Sunita in her write up talks about why organ selling should be legalized according to her. She strongly believes that the crime rate regarding the same will drastically reduce once the process of organ selling is legalized.

    • Who: Jairam Mohan
      What: A letter to my best friend…
      Spicy: Jairam talks about his childhood when the television was a child’s best friend. There were hours spent watching cartoons on television. The whole family sat together to watch a few famous serials of those times. Today since the internet works way quicker and also allows you to watch the content without commercial breaks, the television is somewhere forgotten.

    • Who: Amit Sharma
      What: A failed suicide attempt
      Spicy: Amit talks about a real life incident where he was so extremely upset and was thinking of giving up his life but something stopped him. Today when he goes to think back about that day, he realizes how silly his reason was to give up a gift as beautiful as his life.

    • Who: Tharkuri
      What: Hiring a Woman
      Spicy: Tharkuri in her write up talks about the stereotypical conversations she has had during interviews. Most of the employers are not in favour of hiring women because they believe it is more of a hassle. Tharkuri is a feminist and very averse to these viewpoints.

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