BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr 2, ’13

Tangy Tuesday Picks
The battle for #T20 begins today. Power packed performances in line today. 🙂 There are amazing bloggers who are going to blog about #IPL. Stay tuned. We also have an amazing collection of posts from the Indian Bloggers for you to read this Tuesday. Ready?

    • Who: Usha P
      What: Incentives 🙂
      Tangy: “You sow very little, you think, till the rich harvest tells you how much you can be proud of… for how they grew themselves up!”

    • Who: Aseem Rastogi
      What: Deserted at the altar..
      TangySince the time a girl is small, she dreams about her wedding day. 

    • Who: Ramaa Ramesh
      WhatP and Q (and me and you, and so on)
      Tangy: “And ours say we didn’t have to go yesterday, so we’re around today. What this does NOT mean is that we’ll be around tomorrow for sure.”

    • Who: Aanteladda
      WhatDo you even have a clue?
      TangyDid you see that glimmer that
      Reminded me
      Of words that do not say their names…

    • Who: Anishok
      What: Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Photo Recap Pt. 1)
      Tangy: “Intended to be a loving homage… Samar is an Indian guy, who tries to get by in London by working multiple jobs and busking his ass off. He’s easy-going, helpful and happy-go-lucky…”

    • WhoShivani Mohan
      What: VIENNA: Music for the soul
      Tangy:”Wiener Staatsoper, is one of the busiest opera houses here with a history dating back 200 years. At least ten months a year an opera is performed there every night to packed audiences… Vienna has kept its calmer rhythms in place.”

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