Soldier For Women

As of today, it’s going to be a little different at your Adda. We’re honouring those soldiers who stand by women each day. It could be anyone. A tattoo artist, gym instructor, mechanic, hairdresser, friend or even a co-worker.

Soldiers Wanted

We want to know all about the soldiers in your life. Being there for women is honourable. It is only when we respect women that we will respect our nation.

Tell us about the Men who have stood up for Women with courage and integrity. Blog about them and let the blogosphere salute and recognize their efforts.

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Not only that, Get an assured appreciation voucher of Rs. 200 for every story you share alongwith a t-shirt, certificate and blade of honour!

Share his honourable story and let the world discover the soldier in him.

We’re all soldiers.

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Last date for submitting your posts is April, 22nd, 2013.

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94 Replies to “Soldier For Women”

  1. Soldier for Women! The title itself irked me in first place!

    Women like me are alive without any soldiers in her life, as I don’t disturb dad and my brother for lifts and pick ups, and don’t have a boyfriend or husband who tends to be possessive about me ! I dont walk around with make friends to feel protected either!

    And I wonder do women need soldiers all the time to put up a good fight! Lol! Will it lead to equality any way? Won’t such initiatives make women more dependent on men? Too misleading for me! Too very imbalanced!

  2. @Manjulika – True. A lot of good men have always stood up for women. Time to write about them and make them feel special. As they say, good things need to be constantly encouraged.

    @Rinzu – Standing up for women does not mean lifts, pick ups or drops always, though, at certain times that can be the most desired thing! Wonder how did you think that women need men to put up a good fight, we are sure they are capable themselves! We are saying that there would be a few men whom you would have felt proud about, for their attitude towards women and witnessed that they stood up by them.

    This initiative is about respecting women and is focused on making a difference in the society by spreading out a message that “If these men can respect women, Why can’t you?” These men might be your friends, family or a complete stranger. Blog about them and give them the honour.

  3. I had just one doubt…

    Since when was being a soldier “gendered” ? I thought it was about women too..The Indian Army itself consists of soldiers who ar e both men and women! πŸ™
    There are men and women in the society who have marked a huge difference..n I salute to them both.

  4. @Priyanka – Absolutely, soldiers are both men and women! This campaign though is about men in your life. Start with men and we might have another where we would have an opportunity to speak about only women! πŸ™‚ We look forward to your entry.

  5. Somehow, it is a tad presumptious to think that men can have a choice whether to respect a fellow human being!!! (“Why can’t you?”) …. That that person is of the feminine gender should be of no consequence. Sorry blogadda – for once, I think this initiative does not look at the real issue – that ‘respect’ is gender neutral!

  6. @Meena, as mentioned in the above comment, this initiative is about honouring good men. It does not mean that feminine gender is of no consequence. As said, we might have another campaign where it could be only about women! We agree that respect is gender neutral!

  7. Can I write about an incident where I saw someone stand as a soldier for woman in public or Is it mandatory that I should write about the man only if I know him in person ?

  8. @Surbhi Bafna. We have extended this. πŸ™‚
    @Srinivasan Yes, you can write about the incident that you have mentioned. πŸ™‚

  9. I also have same doubt Surbhi has. AM no longer in touch with the person. Can I write. As you said blade of honor for the man πŸ™‚ I am not sure if I can write this
    Please clarify

  10. @Afshan Yes, you can write about him. He can be a stranger. And we now will send you a t-shirt, certificate and blade of honour! We look forward to your entry.

    @Pallavi – It is now approved, was in spam.

  11. Hi,

    There are many such men in my life.. Can I write posts for everyone. Or at the least a few of them?? Its really hard to pick only one and write.. could you clarify?

  12. @SruthiKitcha You can write as many posts as you want. πŸ™‚ No restrictions. Just do it.

  13. I did not submit my post in the comments section here, I just did it through the SUBMIT form of that particular contest…is there any problem..??

  14. Some of the comments were marked as spam. They now appear here.

    Kindly use the ‘Submit your post’ link given above to submit your links and not over here. Keep sharing the inspiring stories.

  15. @Sumit The last date is April 22 and everyone now gets an appreciation voucher worth Rs. 200 in addition to the things that are already mentioned. But the vouchers are limited, so don’t wait till the last date!

  16. It’s not always necessarily about any one person who has to be a hero… If we can all be respectful and mindful of our ways as responsible men, a hero is there in all of us!

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