14 Hours: An Insider’s Account of the 26/11 Taj Attack

Today at your adda, we have the first full, eyewitness account of the 26/11 Taj attack. A book with its powerful narrative that takes readers behind the scenes of one of the most horrific incidents of terrorism to have hit the country. This book is both a tribute to those who lost their lives and a celebration of the spirit of those who survived the Mumbai Terror Attacks.

14 Hours: An Insider's Account of the 26/11 Taj Attack

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Overview of the book:

Working in a hotel prepares you for many things, but not this.

26 November 2008. The world watches in horror as Mumbai is ripped apart by coordinated terrorist attacks. Among the locations targeted is the century-old iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Colaba. By the time the siege ends, the hotel has suffered severe damage—and dozens have lost their lives.

In 14 Hours, we encounter for the first time a full, eyewitness account of the shocking tragedy—from Ankur Chawla, an operations management trainee with the hotel in 2008. A stark and compelling narrative, this is the story of a man who battled immense fear and peril to emerge a survivor.

Know the author:

Ankur Chawla went to school in Delhi and then graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management, Shimla. He was selected as an operations management trainee with the Taj Group of Hotels. He has worked at different Taj properties, including the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, for almost five years. Ankur has, over the years, also played musical instruments such as the tabla and drums, participated in theatre, acted in documentaries and undertaken several public-speaking and marketing engagements. He currently holds a managerial position in the food and beverage department at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi.

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