BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Oct 23, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks Did you get a Glimpse of Kolkata’s Durga Puja? Pout Pretty has some amazing photos for you. Also, we wish our friends a very happy Dussehra in advance. Let the good triumph over the evil in your lives. Time now to read the excellent blog posts from the Indian Blogging community.

    • Who: G2
      What: R.I.P FACEBOOK
      Tangy Today at your Adda, we have G2! Who is this G2 and why is here? You gotta read this post to know. Yes, that is all we want to say at the moment.

    • WhoTheMasakkali
      WhatKeep wondering.
      Tangy Since the day, she became aware of her female-hood in amidst of flesh trade, she keep wondering, ‘Why are men willing to put money down for what is so clearly faked?’ is how TheMasakkali starts the posts. What does she keep wondering? Read on. An excellent post.

    • WhoThe Mighty Mango
      WhatThe enduring power of DDLJ, 17 years on
      Tangy This post is all about an american woman’s love for Dilwala Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. A tribute to one of the Yash Chopra Produced movies cannot get better. Read!

    • Who: Dr Roshan R
      What10 Movie soundtracks of the 90s that Bollywood can be proud of
      Tangy 90’s were known for their awesome music. Dr Roshan R our premium blogger has this excellent compilation of the 10 movie soundtracks of the 90’s that Bollywood can be proud of. As the post says, plug your earphones before you start reading this post.

    • Who: Sudhamshu
      WhatEncounters While Time Travelling
      Tangy:   We all see a lot of things around us while travelling. This is the best time to observe a lot of things and then think about it. Sudhamshu has this brilliant post on his encounters while travelling. A post you should not miss reading.

    • WhoSanjay Sipahimalani
      What: The Perils Of Writing When Online
      Tangy What are the perils of being online when you are writing something serious? This post by Sanjay will enlighten you with some examples. Read on!

    • WhoJigar Doshi
      What I hate you…!
      Tangy Jigar has this fictional post with the theme ‘I Hate you’. What is it about? Read and find out.

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