BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Oct. 20, ’12

Spicy SaturdayRising food prices kept 8 million Indians chained to poverty says a UN report. The prices will continue rising and these numbers will go on increasing unless the governments starts taking corrective steps. The rich should not get even richer and the poor should not get even poorer. What do you think? ‘If I had the power to change something, I would change….‘ is our theme for WOW this week. Let us write and make a difference. Also do check out our contest in association with Badhai where you can win prizes worth Rs 10000. A lot of things to do this weekend. For starters, let us read the Spicy Saturday Picks.

    • WhoCleartrip official blog
      What: Decoding rising airfares in India
      Spicy:  Have you ever wondered, what is the cause for the continuous rise in Airfares in India? Cleartrip does a small research and have come out with some findings in this post. Read as it is informative.

    • Who: Nelton D Souza
      WhatA Disciplined India
      Spicy:  ‘I am an Indian and my heart beats for India. It’s every success is mine, its every loss is heart wrenching.’ says Nelton. You gotta read this post is all we have to say.

    • WhoSeema Goswami
      WhatWomen, lies, and weight-loss
      Spicy: ‘At least back here in India, we will still have Vidya Balan to reassure us that a little muffin top never hurt anyone (and nor did a muffin or three)’ – Seema Goswami. What is the post about? Read and find out!

    • Who: Mohita Raghav
      What: PASSION
      Spicy: The nakedness of this soul Which flames the effigies of love And when you know. The only medicine is DEATH, is how the poem starts. Read this wonderful poem by Mohita.

    • Who: Purba Ray
      What: The Shameful Cheer Haran of Gadhakurry
      Spicy: Purba Ray is back with a wonderful post. You will love the way she uses the characters from our history to the present times. Must must read.

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