BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Oct 16, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksOldest dad becomes father again at 96‘. This is not #fakingnews but real news. Asked about the secret of his vitality, the person said he had been a wrestler in his younger days when his daily diet comprised half a kg of munched almonds, equal measure of ghee and three litres of milk besides vegetables and chapattis. Chodo, let us read some amazing posts from the Indian Blogging Community in our Tangy Tuesday Picks.

    • Who: Sidin Vadukut
      What: Some unsolicited thoughts on newspapers
      Tangy Sidin is back with a wonderful post on ‘Whatay’. If I could leave you with one thought it will be this: for the love of god and country please do not subscribe to a newspaper that you do not like or respect. Do we say more? Read!

    • Who: Preetilata
      WhatMahisasuramardini- A Tale of Idol Makers
      Tangy Preetilata in this post takes you to the community of Idol Makes in C.R park. A beautiful post chronicled via wonderful photographs. A sure read.

    • Who: Kavya Kasula
      WhatUntold but felt
      Tangy:   A letter from a daughter to her dad is always special. We have one such special letter today at your Adad. Kavya, beautifully written.

    • WhoEshaan Mathur
      What: Jump
      Tangy Some stories leave you with an instant impact. Here is one such story by Eshaan. A story with a twist. Read and find out.

    • Whoupsidedakshin
      What I’M Legend
      Tangy We have another brilliant story as the last pick for this week’s Tangy Tuesday picks. upsidedakshin has drafted this wonderful story with a lot of interesting characterizations. Read and encourage him to come up with such wonderful stories.

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