BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Oct. 13, ’12

Spicy SaturdayAn amazing week is about to end. It is Saturday and it’s now time to present you with this week’s equally amazing posts. Stay tuned as we promise you that these blog posts are very informative and knowledgeable; highlighting various aspects of our daily life. Don’t miss it. Make your weekend spicy and interesting. Also do not forget to WOW.  😉

    • WhoFound In Folsom
      What: Dealing with Grand Dad
      Spicy: Is oldage a blessing or a curse? It is difficult to answer, indeed. The writer of this post shares with us the lovely moments that she has spend with her grand father and his deafness. A post that will definitely put a smile on your face and is bound to recall the memories of your grand parents. 🙂

    • Who: Arpitha Rao
      WhatOut of the frying pan, into the fire!
      Spicy:  Khap panchayat is nothing but a hideous body that claims to be a  social law protector. In this post, Arpitha shares with us her views about this awful system that treats women more like non-living objects. Read and check if her views are any different than yours.

    • WhoMeena Bhatnagar
      WhatLetter to the Torch Bearers of Indian Civilization
      Spicy: According to you, who are the torch bearers of Indian civilization? Meena, has listed down various instances where our very own political leaders shamelessly have blamed women for getting molested or raped. They believe that it is because of the way women dress up, men get provoked. Women themselves are responsible men’s lustful nature. An eye opener, must read post!

    • Who: C. Suresh
      WhatOh! How we use our brains!
      Spicy: The writer makes us ponder on a thought about how we Indians use our brains. Very interesting post. According to C. Suresh, the one absolute boundary we are pledged not to cross is the use of brains to give value for money! Read and you shall empathize with every single word.

    • Who: Pranitha Reddy
      What: I wrote something! A story! READ!
      Spicy: A beautifully written love story; conversation that leaves you numb. Pranitha, the writer of this post has conveyed strong emotions and feelings of a girl; the situation where the boy confronts his love. How will the girl react? Eagerly waiting to know? Read on then.

    • WhoAfshan Shaik
      What: Relatives Vs Friends & F(r)iends
      Spicy: In this post, Afshan presents to us a hilarious and a very common scenario of today. Relatives and friends are the most important people for us because they never fail to make our lives interesting. Here is a conversation between them. Ready for some thorough enjoyment. Let’s go!

    • Who: That corgi 
      What: Sit awhile, enjoy the view
      Spicy: The writer of this post shares with us few instances about the ‘gifting’ ritual. This write-up keeps us wondering if we have ever received or gifted obnoxious presents. Think about it as you read this post.

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