Is every month similar? No, obviously not! But, each day has something special restored for everyone. Upendra Namburi narrates a corporate thriller in his latest book 31. What does a span of 31 days signify? No idea? So, read 31, an ultimate thriller that is bound to surprise you with its unique story line and characters.

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Overview of the book:

What can happen in a month? Plenty, as Ravi Shastry, a middle-level executive in ‘Imperial Bank’ is to find out. Here he is, riding high in the last quarter of a tough yearfor a large multinational, with every prospect of a coveted promotion. Ravi runs a tight ship and delivers results, his team looks up to him, his wife loves him, and his hard-driving boss respects his choices and even hints that he is headed for bigger and better things.

March looks like it’s going to be the merriest month of the year….

But within a week, the bank’s Brazil operations are shut down, the US subsidiary is in a mess and soon the global reconstructing wave pounds the Indian ops- Ravi and his team. His wife is also under professional and personal pressure; a former girlfriend and now rival, a manipulative HR manager and others are turning hostile; even Internal Audit is after him.

31 gives you a ring side view of the 31 most combative days in Ravi’s dramatically altered life. It is not only ambition and ethics that are thwarting him, but an enemy whom he sees every day, but does not recognise.

In this corporate thriller, Upendra Namburi gets us to live and breathe the travails of his primary character. Because what happens to Ravi Shastry could happen to any of us.

Know the author:

A banking and finance professional by day, an engineer & MBA by background and from a peppy part of Mumbai, by accident, Upendra is married and has a son. He lives in Gurgaon, but remains a Mumbaikar at heart.

Upendra was first bitten by the writing bug when he was invited to write for one of India’s leading finance dailies Mint. It soon turned into a love affair that turned him into an avid blogger and finally made him take the plunge into the unchartered waters of the Novel. Upendra now takes complex and dry ideas like loans, foreclosures, investments etc. and turns them into nail-biting thrillers which make those dull and dreary numbers come alive. But, he really hasnt shifted his focus as such for he still thinks of his books as numbers: 31, 60, 8 and so on.

31 is his first in the NUMBERS series.

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