BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sep 11, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks The entire city got drenched in the rains.  Yes, we know! As you glance through the areas affected the most by this thunderstorm, we have something interesting for you on this rainy day.  So, lean comfortably on your couch with a cup of hot tea or coffee and get ready for some entertaining, informative and hilarious blog posts.

    • Who: Venkataragavan
      What: ROFL among other things
      Tangy: Don’t you lol (laugh out loud) when you read/listen to a joke? Have you ever wondered why laughing styles other then ‘rofl’ (rolling on the floor laughing) are used more often and are more popular? Why isn’t enough importance given to the extreme version of ‘lol’ ie. ‘rofl’? We are sure you don’t have any hint of what this is all about. Your time is precious for us. So, we always keep in mind which is the right post for you to invest your precious time. We ensure you that this one will surely make you lol, rofl etc etc.. Keep ‘lol-ing’ and ‘rofl-ing’ 😛 😛

    • Who: Ashwini
      What: The Art of Speaking!
      Tangy: Not generalizing nor stereotyping, do you believe that women talk a bit more then men? What could be the reason behind this? Is it hardwired in the DNA of the X chromosomes or may be because women have to repeat everything they tell men, given the later’s innate and remarkable ability to not listen? In this post, Ashwini will tell you why it is possible for her to strike a conversation with anyone she comes across. So all you curious boys over there, this post will reveal the secret behind girls talkative nature. Do not miss this great opportunity. 🙂

    • Who: Harikrishna
      What: Love from Mom and Lessons from Dad!
      Tangy: Parents love is Unconditional. But, do we realize their value and importance in our life? Have we lost the due respect and consideration for them?  On their wedding anniversary, Harikrishna, through this post wishes to tell them how much he cares and loves his mom and dad. Read this lovely thoughts by a son for his dear parents.

    • Who: Pratik Mohapatra
      What: Hail Aunties!
      Tangy: Hail Aunties is a tribute by Pratik to the modern aunties of our society. We come across them every now and then. Read this satire filled with real life experiences by the writer and see yourself relating to most of the part. 🙂

    • Who: Shrinivas Vasishta
      What: The Female Sports Fan!!??
      Tangy:For most of us, sports freak = men. Very rarely you come across a girl/ woman who is thrilled and excited about the upcoming series between India and Sri Lanka or FIFA or who is a die hard Manchester United fan or you would hardly find a girl flaunting a Messi jersey! But it is wrong to generalize. There is a whole bunch of female fans who can intelligently debate on who is efficient enough to bat at number 3 or which team has the best openers in the world and so on. In this post, Shrinivas talks about these women who believe in discussing the game  just the way we discuss Rahman Sir’s music.

    • Who: Indian Agrarian Crisis
      What: A for AMUL…
      Tangy: AMUL- The taste of India, this tag line has been imbibed in us so strongly that when we visit a dairy to buy butter, we unconsciously end up saying ‘ek Amul packet dena’ and not ‘butter dena’ :P. Amul introduced the writer’s son to the world of alphabets. In this post, the writer does a noble job of giving out all important details which most us were unaware about of this famous brand . Must read post. (This post is an old post but has been selected as a tribute to Dr Kurien and his Amul Story)

    • Who: Natasha
      What: Conversations. (Love is a growing up)
      Tangy: Innocence is blissful. Who wouldn’t agree? According to Natasha, each child brings out a complete different  parent in us. This post is a short conversation between a mum and her youngest daughter . This lovely chat will bring a wide grin on your face as it displays the innocence of a three year old. 🙂 🙂

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