BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug 28, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks As the political parties fight amongst themselves for another new scam, we think of something to bring positivity in your life. According to a story on today, ‘Read a lot, provide tonic to your brain‘. So read and provide tonic to your brain today. Here are seven good blogposts handpicked from the blogs of the Indian Bloggers for you to read.

    • Who: Bhavana
      What: A Lovesong for India
      Tangy: When Bhavana planned to tour our country, she decided to go where ‘India’ exists most—in her interiors and villages. She had promised to herself that like many others, she won’t wander for poverty and misery, instead she had a question in her mind- what makes India tick and what makes her throb? If you wish to know the details of her journey, read this post as Bhavana shares her experience in this introductory post from the trip and see if the writer found answers for her queries.

    • Who: Prince Ani
      What: Thank you, Poonam Pandey
      Tangy:  In his sarcastic post, the writer wishes to ‘thank’ some of the most important people who have successfully brought about ‘change’ around us *pun intended*. He feels obliged by the way things are turning out to be. Read this ultimate, entertaining post that shall leave you speechless  and force you to think about the present condition of our nation.

    • Who: Virginia Sharma
      What: The Economy: What Desi CMOs Should Know and Do
      Tangy:  The term ‘economy’ has become one of the most important and talked about topic today. Virginia opens her post by mentioning about the speech by our Prime Minister on Independence Day and later she focuses on what the Chief Marketing Officers should be knowing and what all needs to be done eventually. Read through this informative post.

    • Who: Vaibhav Vishal
      What: Of fish fry, kala kutta and rasgulla. 10 Best Hindi Film Songs of All Time
      Tangy: India is a musical country. Vaibhav believes that he may not be good enough to pick up ten best songs but he feels that he can pick up ten worst Hindi film songs of all time. The list is really hilarious and will definitely tickle your funny bone.  Read this post and we promise you some thorough entertainment.

    • Who: Harleena Singh
      What: Why Does a Bad Marriage Happen
      Tangy: According to the writer, a ‘marriage’ is an understanding between two people to live life together by remaining committed and faithful to each other. There are many fall offs and failures leading to bad marriages. In this post, Harleena gives reasons how a marriage can go kaput or how one ends up marrying a wrong person.  She also gives important constituents that helps in keeping the marriage healthy.

    • Who: Madhuri Banerjee
      What:10 Time Management Tips For Working Mothers
      Tangy: A lot of working mothers find it difficult to juggle between office and raising children. Since, Madhuri herself is a working mother, she knows how challenging it is to manage both – house and work. But, many mothers do it with ease and without complaining. Hence, she has jotted down Ten time management tips for working mothers.  Read this post to make your life little easier and balance both -your work and your child.

    • Who: Nidheesh Narayanan
      What: Dharmadam – The City of Virtuousness
      Tangy: Nidheesh explores the sleepy town called Dharamadam, located in the north of Thalassery. He, not only gives minute details of this place but also explains the significance of Dharamadam and tells us how it suddenly came to the limelight. Read this interesting post and  discover a wonderful place that you were unaware about till now.

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