The Chakhle India Cookbook

“There is no love sincere than the love of food.” says George Bernard Shaw. We all agree with this quote. Aditya Bal, most liked anchor- chef of Chakh Le India, the famous food show on NDTV Good Times has something new for you in his store. He is here with his new cookbook ‘The Chakh Le India’, which contains tons of recipes both- vegetarian and non vegetarian; from snack recipes to Indian Pantry it contains everything. The book does give some very important cooking tips and techniques and it also talks about essential kitchen gears. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this book as soon as possible and spread the aroma of delicious food in your homes.

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Overview of the book:

Aditya Bal grew up in a family which ran a hotel in idyllic Kashmir, watching his maternal grandmother rustle up delicious meals and bake most passionately. After an extremely successful modeling career spanning eight years and a short stint in Bollywood, Aditya decided to head to Goa to pursue what he did best: cooking. A chance meeting with NDTV Good Times gave his culinary skills a new direction and today he is one of the most celebrated anchor-chefs on Chakh Le India, the most popular food show on the channel.

Aditya’s wanderlust for local and most celebrated cuisines from across India took him to the bustling towns of Punjab, the cultural hub of Bengal, Goa- his most favourite food destination and several others. The result was Amritsari Paneer Bhurji, Kosha Mangsho, Goan Prawn and Mango Ambotik, Malabari Prawn curry and Moru Sambhar, amongst many other mouthwatering creations!

A foodie’s delight, the recipes in this book, spanning meat, chicken, fish & seafood and vegetarian dishes as well as an array of snacks and sweets are not only simple to try but also promise a complete and delectable feast celebrating what is wonderfully Indian.

Know the Author:

Aditya Bal was born in New Delhi in 1976. He did his schooling in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh and later went to college at Delhi University. One of India’s best known models of his time, he also tried his luck in Bollywood but soon packed his bags for Goa, where he cooked and honed his culinary skills at three restaurants.

Aditya later began hosting a top-rated cookery show on NDTV Good Times titled: Chakh Le India. The show, now in its 4th season, showcases him traversing different parts of India and cooking the favourite cuisines of the region. Apart from being a celebrated chef on NDTV Good Times, Aditya passionately experiments with food, is a menu planner and developer, and is soon to launch his own website.

Aditya Bal lives in Bangalore and spends his time travelling and cooking around the country.

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