BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Aug. 11, ’12

Spicy Saturday Today at your Adda, we have our ‘Premium Blogger’, Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan with his best posts for the week. An interesting compilation by him today. This is what Roshan has to say. My choice of posts is a thali with something for everyone – be it love, guest posts, health, happiness, God and yes, even the most essential part of a thali – the food. 🙂

    • Who: Anita Jeyan Sandeep
      WhatAnecdotes from my encounter with Life. – A guest post.
      Spicy: Frequently, I see the concept of a guest post wherein we allow someone else we trust to write a post on our blogs. I appreciate that, since it isn’t just us bloggers who have something relevant to say and converse, not everyone maybe able to devote as much time as we do to our blogs. Anita’s sister writes a wonderful guest post linking anecdotes from her experiences to the lessons she’s learned in life. P.S. I may have inadvertently started a sibling war by choosing this one. 🙂

    • Who: Nikita
      WhatRich God, Poor Devotees
      Spicy: What is it within ourselves that makes us feel the need to bribe God? Do we really believe that by donating our wealth to build huge sanctuaries for HIM, we immediately become closer to God? A truly thought provoking post by Nikita Banerjee.

    • Who: Akshay Kumar G
      WhatRaksha Bandhan
      Spicy: I was touched and I know you will be too, by this sweet and honest letter from a brother to the sister he cherishes. Unlike a piece of paper or spoken words that may tear or get lost in the myriad memories of life, I love how blogging gives your words of appreciation the immortality it deserves.

    • Who: Nagalakshmi
      What: 10 Easy Recipes for Krishna Jayanthi / Gokulashtami
      Spicy: I always feel that cookery blogs are unjustly relegated here. And it’s not fair seeing the wonderful efforts they take, not just in cooking but presenting it beautifully in pictures with personal observations and tidbits. This post by one of India’s most popular cookery bloggers, Nagalakshmi, showcases some of the yummiest Krishna Jayanthi dishes. Guaranteed to make your mouth water.

    • Who: Vikram Karve
      What: Money Makes You Happy
      Spicy: “You can always earn more money but you cannot get back lost time.” Author Vikram Karve writes on a topic that you and I really do need to ask ourselves: How much money do you really need to be happy?

    • Who: Sowmya Nair
      What: Fattophobia- How to deal with it?
      Spicy: Sowmya raises a question that literally affects  millions of Indians in todays world – the link between being fat and depression. Are we depressed because we are fat or are we fat because we are depressed? And how do we break the cycle?

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  1. Whether one succeeds or fails entirely depends on his thinking because what a man thinks that he becomes. A positive mind makes possible every thing.

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