BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 28, ’12

Spicy SaturdayAjmal Kasab smartest operative: Abu Jundal‘. This is how one terrorist describes the other terrorist and we all read & wonder. We continue to provide them security & interrogate them. Both are waiting for the judgement to be pronounced by the judiciary of India. What about the judgement of the people? Is it not valid? We wonder. Let us do the wondering while you do the reading. Read the best blog posts from the Indian Bloggers this week.

    • Who: Anirban
      WhatMy stereotype is better than yours
      Spicy: We all are opinionated individuals and we ourselves are to be blamed for creating unnecessary stereotypes in our society. This blog post by Anirban talks about bad stereotypes associated with Indian culture. The writer starts off with a recent incident where Oprah Winfrey allegedly said things about India which did not go well with most of us. Read on.

    • Who: Reema Shaw
      WhatMother’s Love
      Spicy: Mother’s love for her child cannot be measured because it is unconditional. But, is it that a mother who is accustomed to modern lifestyle and prefers wearing a jeans and a tee-shirt instead of a saree, is less caring towards her children? Do you agree with this norm that says mother’s love highly depends on the way she dresses up? Or, wearing a jeans makes a woman ‘less Bharatiya’ and a ‘bad mother’? Reema has conveyed her thoughts via the blogpost. Read.

    • Who: Amit Dalmia
      WhatHow Real is the Reality Show – Indian Idol?
      Spicy: Are you the one who melts watching those over- flowing emotions showcased in ‘not-so-real-shows’? Get a ‘reality check’ done then. To know what reality shows like Indian Idols are upto, do read this blog by Amit Dalmia where he speaks out the other side of ‘Reality Shows’.

    • Who: Aurindam
      What: When Expectation Costs You Happiness
      Spicy: Start living for yourself because only then you will be free from expectations. If you agree to this, then you should certainly read the blog post by Aurindam Mukherjee, where he explains that it is necessary to remove expectation quotient from our life’s to make ourselves believe that we are still alive and not bound by any clutches.

    • Who: Hamsini
      What: The Bald Chick Speaks
      Spicy: How would you react when you see a bald girl? She opted to shave off her head because she felt like doing it and not because she has cancer or anything else. Here is a post by Hamsini where she believes that ‘bald is beautiful’. Read this interesting and intriguing post to get various insights on Life!

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