BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul 24, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksWe won’t ask you what you did last weekend but we will tell you what you have to do the coming weekend. Mumbai, you have a one of its kind workshop to attend. The rest have awesome books & an interview to read. So what are you waiting for? Let us start planning the weekend already. In all this, do not forget to read the weekly picks from the Indian Bloggers. Here they are:

    • Who: Rickie Khosla
      What: The Mother (In Law) Of All Solutions
      Tangy: Do you know what is the ‘Mother’ of all the solutions? Read this humourous post by Rickie to know what he has in mind.

    • Who: Vijay
      What: Kalachakra – Part 1
      Tangy: This post by Vijay contains two stories. One, is an interaction between two investigative reporters where in they sort to discuss their assigned work. The second one is about Arun and the writer where they share the overwhelming joy the protagonist experiences on having found out something of value after a long time.

    • Who: Cynicallyengineered
      What: Talking about sex in India: Why is it so damned hard?
      Tangy: Cynically engineered speaks about the general Indian mentality and rigidity in their behaviour towards the topic SEX. People fearfully discuss sex as if it is some kind of taboo. According to the writer, ‘respectable folks’ try their best to keep their children away from such discussions. Isn’t it high time to get-off such useless norms from our society? If your opinions are same as of the writer’s, read further.

    • Who:Danish
      WhatJustice In Gotham : The Dark Knight Allegory
      Tangy: The blog post by ‘Pensieve 2.0’, is an in-depth movie analyzis of ‘The Dark Knight’. Read this well analyzed post by Danish where he intelligently draws a fine line between justice and revenge.

    • Who: Celestial Rays
      WhatThe bookshop
      Tangy:  Just as you glance at some books on the shelf- just a view and not intending to touch them; similarly you hold on to some people in life and let go of others. This post by Celestial Rays is a beautiful comparison between Life and a Bookshop. Must read.

    • Who: Vinita
      WhatAre women their own worst enemies?
      Tangy: Lazy pineapple explains the biases held against women in Indian society. By giving an example of Justice Ranade and his wife, she tells that the rigidity against women’s education is more or less same that was present 100 years back and according to the writer, the main culprit is a woman herself because inspite of her being a woman, she fails to understand the trauma her daughter-in-law or her daughter faces in society.

    • Who: Akil
      Tangy:  A feeling of illusion; a story that leaves you speechless, stunt and aloof from everything around for a while, this post by Akil does something similar. Read on to know what happens.

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