BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 21, ’12

Spicy Saturday This week, we finalised our Premium Bloggers and you will soon see a lot of action from them. We also announced about our first food workshop with Michael Swamy, Cordon Bleu Chef in Mumbai on July 29. We hope to see you there. While you register for the event, read the best of Indian blogs by top bloggers this weekend!

    • Who: Annie Zaidi
      WhatNot just Pinki
      Spicy: We all are badly stuck with the stereotypes and when we see or experience something unusual or different, we panic and declare it to be derogatory. This blog post by Annie Zaidi speaks openly about the negative mindset of the society towards the sexual orientation of and a possibility to create a world where sexual violence is not tolerated.

    • Who: Lakshmi Sharath
      WhatThe 500th post – Travel Writing is simple hard work
      Spicy: Lakshmi Sharath in this blog post, shares her experiences and views as a writer. This one is her 500th post as the title suggests where she answers several questions on how to be a Travel Writer. Don’t miss reading this one if you aspire to be travel writer!

    • Who: Sneha Sharma
      Spicy: Useful and hilarious tips to remember the next time you go to a SALE in a mall! Sneha has everything that you may want to take note of, including what to wear, what to carry and even whom to carry along! 🙂

    • Who: Lavanya Mohan
      What: On Molestation, And What YOU Can Do About It
      Spicy: Lately, our society is witnessing even more molestation cases almost every alternate day and sadly no strong moves are taken to fight against these issues. “We’ve been letting molesters violate our space, simply because we didn’t stand up to them”, Lavanya Mohan mentions in her blog post. Go and Read now!

    • Who: Saravana Kumar
      What: yet another untold story through my lens
      Spicy: Saravana unveils a love story. He presents to you the journey of two lovers, the places they visited together and the lovely experience they shared, via his photos. And, how today is different than earlier. Want to know why? Read on.

    • Who: Sushma Harish
      What: Labyrinth of Anguish
      Spicy: Sushma’s post recites the traumatic condition of women, for how she is sexually exploited a number of times. An ode to the countless women who are exploited daily. Read for sure and comment.

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