BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jun. 9, ’12

Spicy SaturdayShanghai and Madagascar – Two brilliant movies to watch this weekend. Apart from that, all those in Mumbai, there is a very interesting event happening at The Blue Frog where Manreet Sodhi Someshwar’s latest book which will be launched. Be there! There are awesome posts for you to read this weekend as well. Here are the best from the Indian Bloggers this week.

    • Who: K Javeed Nayeem
      WhatThe half-truths of Aamir Khan, the truth fountain
      Spicy: Every story has two sides to it. The last episode on the malpractices by some doctors in Satyamev Jayate was one side of the story. K Javeed Nayeem presents to you the other side with some startling facts and proof to support it. Do read.

    • Who: Antara Kundu
      WhatThe Fasting Female Engineer
      Spicy: As Gandhi put it – “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” Antara in this post has a very interesting story. We don’t want to reveal what the story is about but we insist that you go and read it.

    • Who: ateenangedramaqueen
      WhatFrom student to teacher
      Spicy: Didi, what’s the difference between Hindus and Musalmaans (Muslims)? What do you do when an innocent soul asks you this question? This post by ateenagedramaqueen is a must read because it has answers to such questions sprinkled with interesting conversations.

    • Who: Rishi B
      WhatDo I Love You ?
      Spicy: Do I Love You? A post on love and relationships. Another post where we want you to just go, read and experience. Rishi, we want more.

    • Who: Prabhdeep Singh
      What: AN ODE
      Spicy: A post dedicated to Prabhdeep’s friends makes it to our weekly picks. A post inspired by the song ‘Summer of 69’. Go read.

    • Who: Anjali Kumar
      What: Blessing In Disguise
      Spicy: Some posts can convey the expressions and feelings of the writer sparing some grammatical errors. This is one of the posts where the content touches your heart. Read and find out.

    • Who: spunkyfunkyme
      What: It all started with a glance…
      Spicy: A poem to end with. spunkyfunkyme has this beautifully composed poem where she pours out the things in her heart. An enjoyable read.

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