BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 28, ’12

Spicy Saturday ‘Is anyone from your family appearing for AIEEE?’ is the question many would be asked today. Apparently, the number of applicants for the AIEEE has increased by around 50,000 as compared to last year. All we have to say is, do not take the pressure. Life is NOT all about getting an Engineering degree. There are many things that you can do in life apart from being an Engineer. For example, check out the careers at BlogAdda. 🙂 You get to be the part of a team which works round the clock for the Indian Bloggers community. They love picking up the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere and let us see what the team has in store for you today. 🙂

    • Who: Mee
      What: India or abroad?
      Spicy:  Where do you live currently? Indian or abroad? Which country do you want to live in, for the rest of the years? Here is a blogger who pens down her views of staying in India, and some of the ideologies abroad. Have a read.

    • Who: AD
      What: Motherhood: Reality Check
      Spicy: You have all read the rosy side of motherhood, having a baby, and parenthood. Now here’s a reality check. Obviously, everything is not as good as it seems. There are a lot of efforts and sacrifices involved. Here’s a mother of two, narrating us the funny things motherhood does to a mother! Have a read.

    • Who: Giribala
      What: Animated Life Of A Blogger
      Spicy: Pictures says a thousand words. And Giribala’s post proves it. 🙂 An interesting post with animations to describe a blogger’s life.

    • Who: Amit
      What: Can you be fair Filmfare?
      Spicy: True, true, true! We agree with everything that Amit says here in this post. We all might agree to the fact that the award functions are conveniently sidelining the real cinema and going in favor of the blockbusters hits and craps. Drama rules the industry, and crops the meaningful movies easily. Isn’t the purpose of award functions is to appreciate good quality cinema? Amit has an informative article here. Do read.

    • Who: Anouradha Bakshi
      What: Right to Education.. passing the buck
      Spicy: The recent RTE law that requires private schools to earmark 25 percent seats for poorer students. A good move? Maybe not. Passing the buck. Probably, yes! Anouradha explains the cons of this decision.

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