BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr. 17, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks How many of you have owned a Maruti 800? You would have had fond memories associated with it. Looks like Maruti wants those family memories to be associated again with their new car Maruti Ertiga. Do you think it will be a success and a game changer? Here are some game changing posts for you to read this week by the Indian Bloggers.

    • Who: Neelima Vallangi
      What: 13 Pictures of Incredible Clouds from Western Ghats!
      TangyFirst time I saw white fluffy cottony clouds below me, through the flight window, I almost cried! That’s how much I love clouds says Neelima. This post will unravel the beauty of the clouds in the midst of the Western Ghats.

    • Who: Mahima
      What: The Joys of Nature at My Doorstep
      Tangy: We spoke about the beauty of the clouds in the previous post. In this post, Mahima welcomes nature to her doorstep. How? Read and find out.

    • Who: Maddie
      What: What do housewives do?
      Tangy: What do housewives do? It is not a simple question at all and the answer to it is even more detailed. Read Maddie’s witty answer to this question. You will love it.

    • Who: Hiphopgrandmom
      What: Adopted/Foster family bonds
      TangyIs there truth in the statement that blood is thicker than water? Will all the affection showered on an adopted child go waste when he/she realizes that the couple who brought them up are not biologically their own parents? Hiphopgrandmom wants your views on this. Read.

    • Who: Manas Mukul
      What: HELL in the Midst of HEAVEN…
      Tangy: We have heard many stories about a change in your lifestyle when you go to Dubai. It is a common assumption that it is all well and happy in Dubai. Mukul is here to remove that assumption of yours with this posts based on his own experience.

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