BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 14, ’12

Spicy Saturday Vishu, Bengali New Year, Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti. Why didn’t the holidays get spread out so that we can get more time to read the awesome posts that Indian Bloggers post every day. Wishing you all a very happy Vishu and Bengali New Year. Have a great year ahead. Spicy Saturday Picks time.

    • Who: Kushan Nandy
      What: Sir, May I Have an Opinion, Please?
      Spicy:  Everyone – successful, unsuccessful, who can or cannot make a film, cast, creed, religion, sex, sexual preference no-bar – has a right to have an opinion. This perfectly sums up this post. A filmmaker’s take on having an opinion on a film, is written down here.

    • Who: Neel
      What: Bengal, for me.
      SpicyWhat I wish now, is for Bengal to not lose what it had, says Neel. What a wonderfully written post, that gives us an insight of Bengal, of what is was and what is headed to, viewed from the very eyes of its own resident. Neel takes us through the journey of Bengal with this post.

    • Who: Kimbereley Fernandes
      What: I am not a virgin, will you marry me?
      Spicy: Kimbereley narrates a personal incident and talks about virginity. Our traditional Indian values teach us that a girl should preserve her virginity for her future husband. But on the other hand we call ourselves ‘modern’. Doesn’t following this myth, while labeling yourself as ‘modern’, make you a hypocrite? People need to know, that just wearing ‘modern’ clothes and speaking English, doesn’t make you one. You need to think likewise. A post on similar lines here. Recommended!

    • Who: Rana Safvi
      What: jeetenge hum
      Spicy: Rana Safvi has written an inspiring Hindi poetry. This reminds us of a line ‘koshish karne vaalon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti‘. Everybody has some problems with life, some fight for survival, some fight for justice while some fight for love. But one must try till he/ she succeeds. Read this and get inspired.

    • Who: swapna90210
      What: The Indo-Pak luncheon
      Spicy: The puppets of Sonia and Geelani met up for a lunch and here is what kind of conversation the head of India and Pakistan have. Read on!

    • Who: Anand Philip
      What: Childhood sexual abuse: be prepared.
      Spicy: Conversation and understanding is very important for parents as well as the child, when it comes to Child Sexual Abuse. A parent must maintain the comfort level with the child, so that the child can freely report about any wrong doing to their parents. Some more learnings in this post.

    • Who: Manjiri
      What: Born to be Slain
      Spicy: A really touching tribute to Baby Neha Afreen, who was battered by her own father, for being born as a girl. The baby died a few days ago, which left the people in shivers, for having such inhuman people around them. Do read this poem and share.

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