BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr. 3, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks Yesterday was ‘World Autism Day’. Autism, what needs to change? There was this post written by Steve Silberman last year which we want you all to read on Autism and how one can make a difference. We will be sharing the link of the post at the end of the post. For now, here are the best blog posts from the Indian Bloggers.

    • Who: Cloud Nine
      What: The Untouchable Women!
      Tangy: Myths. A thing which you can find every kilometer ahead of you. Here’s is one more myth that is still largely followed by many women in India. Many women sleep and eat separately, are not allowed to enter the kitchen, not allowed to visit the temple, all this because they are ‘impure’. Why? Because they are having their periods. Nivedita shares her views on this subject.

    • Who: Abhyudaya Shrivastav
      What: The Adventures of The Road Crosser!
      Tangy: Here is another superhero to save the world. This superhero saves the city roads and helps people cross roads everyday. What happens when a lady driver is creating havoc on the road with her driving skills?  Abhyudaya tells you here.

    • Who: Dr. Vinze
      What: Tragedy of ‘FATHER of GOD’
      Tangy: Always expect the unexpected. This is what this post teaches you. Dr. Vinze describes a true life incident that happened with him. Have a read.

    • Who: Shreya Zachariah
      What: Not Saying Things
      Tangy: This post by Shreya reminded us of a song. Khamoshi hoti hai dil ki zubaan, bin bole, kar deti hai, halat yeh pal mein bayaan. 🙂 Needless to say more. Go ahead and decipher this one, and share some silence with your loved one.

    • Who: The Pink Orchid
      What: Not A Virgin, Not A Sinner!!
      Tangy:  The Pink Orchid writes a beautiful poetry, capturing the pain of a girl, whose mistake was that she loved someone with her heart and soul twice.

    • Who: S
      What: Era’s or not ?
      Tangy: A wonderful write-up is featured here. Sakshi writes about a retiring artist, and his last performance on stage. Nicely framed with interchanging views. Have a read.

    • Who: Rituparna Ghosh
      What: The Angst of a Working Mother
      Tangy: Many working women come across this dilemma that Rituparna faces today. She is at a junction, where one way takes her towards her career, and the other towards motherhood. She requires a nanny or any lead to a placement agency. Read about her situation and do help her out.

Here is the brilliant post by Steve Silberman. Read it now! You can now tip your posts for Tangy Tuesday and Spicy Saturday Picks right from our homepage. Click on the tabs and submit your posts.You can also tip us on Twitter @blogadda or using our contact form. If selected, you’ll be credited for it and the readers will get a chance to read something worthy.


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