BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 27, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks ‘Goa proposes to reduce petrol price by Rs 11/litre’. This is not a #fakingnews but a real news. Another reason for us to visit Goa often. 🙂 Imagine reading the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere sitting in the shack at one of the beaches. What say? Read them now.

    • Who: Amit
      What: How to shop with a lady and stay sane
      Tangy: Amit has some awesome tips for all the guys who are dragged by their better halves for shopping! Breathe easy guys, it’s not as tough a task to accomplish as it seems. Use these tips, and you will surely come victorious! 🙂 Go ahead and have a read.

    • Who: Meera
      What: Villages of Mehsana
      Tangy: Meera Sanyal takes us through a journey of villages in Gujarat, that she visited. She enlightened the villagers with newer concepts of farming and irrigation, and also puts forth areas of concern, that could benefit with a little more attention. A very informative piece here.

    • Who: Reza Noorani & Shivam Vij
      What: Reflections of a Refugee from Modi’s Gujarat: Reza Noorani
      Tangy: Reza Noorani was a child when a riot took place in Gujarat. She re-collects those memories and tells us what happened during that time, and how there are still some humble and noble people around us. She tells us about Ahmedabad, and what is the current situation of things. Do read.

    • Who: Offstumped
      What: Gujarat Polls 2012 – Hype versus Reality
      Tangy: The title of the post says it all. Yossarin here rips apart the myths created by the Sensationalistic media of India, and demystifies the actual truth. Head over!

    • Who: Priyadha Pradeep
      What: Boys and Bikes : The Ever After Love Story
      Tangy: Check out this surprise post by Priyadha. A post filled with pictures that convey a story. 🙂

    • Who: Crescentia Kalpana David
      What: Dowry is so passe
      TangyAs long as greed is in a human being, this practice is going to continue unless we do something about it. Crescentia says so about the Dowry tradition in India. She discusses about dowry deaths and more in this post.

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