BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Mar. 17, ’12

Spicy SaturdayWho is Sachin Tendulkar? What is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar made of? What does he go through every time he takes on the field. 100th hundred happened yesterday but it has taken years and mountains of expectations to surpass what he has achieved today. The team at BlogAdda Salutes ‘The Little Master’ and wish that he goes on and on. Time now to read the Spicy Saturday Picks from the Indian Bloggers.

    • Who: Kaurwakee K
      What: This Is What Talking To You Really Feels Like
      Spicy: This kind of metaphoric expression of thought is very rarely seen around. This post attaches a lovely emotion with the most regular things, and yet makes it look beautiful and gives a feel-good effect. Do read Kaurwakee K’s post. 🙂

    • Who: Dilip D Souza
      What: No more reason
      SpicyIt’s the grace and fibre he brought to the game, and indeed to everything he did, this is what Dilip has to say who has no reason now to watch TV. He brings forward one incident where he makes us realise the humbleness and ordinary-ness, if we can say so, of Dravid. He also tells us about the swift and fierce batting style of Dravid, of which he is a fan. We recommend you to read this one.

    • WhoAshwin D
      What: Prostitution- Option or Choice?
      Spicy: Ashwin D takes the theme of prostitution and pens down the pain of those in that profession, in a nicely written poem. Have a look at what has he written.

    • Who: Anuradha Goyal
      What: Discover Delhi XXXIV: Visiting the Parliament
      Spicy: Visiting the Rajya Sabha is something that very few (only ones who know someone from the Rajya Sabha) get to do. We felt like reading a travelogue when we read Anuradha’s post. 🙂 She describes us about the security proceedings, the parliament protocol, politicians, etc. that she saw when she visited this place. Rajya Sabha also gives away a greeting to their visitors; now how many of you knew this? 🙂 Read on.

    • Who: travelsaroundthe world
      What: Inside the Arctic circle
      Spicy: Now this one is an actual travelogue. 🙂 Kalpana visited Finnish Lapland and surely had a great time there. She accounts her journey here, and takes us along with her in the journey too. 🙂 Head over to know this land.

    • Who: Preetilata
      What: मरासिम
      Spicy: कोई आपकी भावनाएं जानकार भी अनजान बना रहे, तो कैसा लगता है? यह कविता में कुछ ऐसी ही भावनाओ और मन्न-स्तिथि के बारे में बताया गया है। ज़रूर पढ़ें

    • Who: Deepi
      What: A Summer Day
      Spicy: We leave you with this playlist today. Yes, a playlist and not a post. Or maybe a musical post will be the best description for what Deepi has written. Music is a very healing and therapeutic medium. So we let you heal with this post. 🙂

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