BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 6, ’12

Tangy Tuesday Picks

The festival of colours, ‘Holi’ is just two days away. Which is your favorite Holi festival Song and favorite Holi Dish? Remember to play safe as you do every year. Use Natural colours and save water. 🙂 We have very interesting posts for you to read this week before we celebrate Holi. Are you ready?

    • Who: Shamanth Rao
      What: The Greatest Show?
      Tangy: The byline of this post aptly describes what you will be reading in this write up – On the Indian circus – its past, present – and where it is headed. A great story by Shamanth and good amount of research has gone into this piece, about an industry, which is now apparently considered as ‘cheap entertainment’ in India. So many memories were refreshed while reading this post. Do have a look.

    • Who: Vishal Kataria
      What: The History of The Yamaha RD350
      Tangy: People who are reading this, if you are a bike enthusiast, then you will love this post. Vishal gives us an insight on the history of Yamaha and its model RD350, on how it zipped past the traffic, and how still many people swear by Yamaha. Do read.

    • Who: Naina Sethi
      What: Is Nothing Really Sacred?
      TangyIsn’t the absolute freedom of imagination something that should mark the pinnacle of being free? Or do we need to define what Freedom is or what it should be? This is what Naina expresses in this post, where she talks about Freedom, Literature, Rushdie and his book Is Nothing Sacred? Read on.

    • Who: Aquatic Static
      What: Your Mother
      Tangy: Oh, what a beautiful write up! You will be completely gripped by the story and the extensively expressed emotions here. Too good a write up to capture the essence in this description. Must read.

    • Who: Neha
      What: Realization
      Tangy: Sometimes realization dawns pretty late to us. Many people are unfortunate because they can’t do anything at that point of time, but some still are fortunate to go back and make up for their wrong doing. Nicolaus had that opportunity. Read on to know what he did when he saw her then pregnant girlfriend after many years.

    • Who: Anirban
      What: For my newborn son. With love, from baba
      Tangy: Anirban writes this post for his newborn son, and tells him about the little joys of life, difficulties to come, and the support that he will render for this son, alongwith his wife. A heart-warming post. 🙂

    • Who: Tikulli
      What: You and Me – Sound
      Tangy: This post is loaded with poetical emotions! 🙂 Unravel me, unfurl me, bit by bit, Till I am nothing but you, and you, nothing but me – our favorite lines. Head over.

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