Urban Shots

“Urban Shots captures a beautiful picture of life in Indian cities”, says Kamini Mathai, author of AR Rahman: The Musical Storm, while IndiaPlaza reviews this book as, “A lovely collection of short stories on different aspects of urban relationships”. We have the bestselling book, Urban Shots at your Adda, which has 28 urban tales by 13 young writers, and edited by Paritosh Uttam. Different stories, from different cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai and many others, are accounted in this book. Read more about this book and apply to review it.

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Overview of the Book:

Edited by bestselling author, Paritosh Uttam, this is an anthology of 29 urban tales by 13 young writers. Each of these fresh, vivid and deceptively simple stories focuses on an epiphany. The stories are set with the backdrop of our urban metros with their bright lights, sky rises, glitzy malls, tenements, crowds and the chaos that comes with it.

A woman tries to come to terms with loss of a lost baby; two strangers, a young man and a young woman, both with a love for Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment board the same aircraft; a woman ponders over giving a second chance to her cheating husband; a young man is in love with his apple pie loving best friend, who is set to marry through an arranged match; a chance meeting between two old lovers after 11 years; the memories of an old woman in love; an illiterate migrant from the village looking for her own kind of liberation; the longing of a married woman for another man; a child and his silent suffering mother and their financially strapped family; a couple once in love, frustrated with each other after getting married; love and relationships in the age of Twitter and fat free gelatos; the morning after for a couple in an adulterous relationship; a man running away from his own life in the city hoping to find salvation; a couple who decide to marry for reasons other than love and many more stories…

Know the Author:

Edited by Paritosh Uttam, bestselling author of Dreams in Prussian Blue, also the contributing author of 10 stories in this collection, the collection includes diverse voices and writing styles. It includes stories by Bishwanath Ghosh, bestselling author of Chai Chai, Ahmed Faiyaz, bestselling author of Love, Life & All That Jazz…, along with accomplished writers – Abha Iyengar, Hasmita Chander, Malathi Jaikumar and Vrinda Baliga. It includes stories by Rikin Khamar, Debutant Author of The Lotus Queen, Kainaz Motivala, Bollywood Actor of Wake Up Sid fame, popular bloggers – Naman Saraiya, Sahil Khan, Kunal Dhabalia and Prateek Gupta.

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