BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 18, ’12

Spicy Saturday How many of you have already watched or are planning to watch ‘Ekk Deewana Tha‘? Did you know that the original movie ‘Vinnaithandi Varuvaya‘ had a very unconventional ending which was well accepted? However in the Hindi version we can expect some changes. 🙂 Let us know who do you think is better as Jessie, Amy Jackson or Trisha Krishnan? Let us now read the Spicy Saturday Picks from the best of the Indian bloggers network this week. 🙂

    • Who : Sudhir Kumar
      What : Fine, let’s debate content, not the bias…
      Spicy : A tweet triggered this post by Sudhir, where he rips off the English TV News Media, on their shady news content and sensationalism. He places before us many facts, that prove, how every time news anchors try to get some sound byte’s from the interviewee. A really detailed and researched post ahead, that we recommend you to read.

    • Who : Mata Ushy Kushy Ananda
      What : The Pourne Identity
      Spicy : Mata Ushy Kushy Ananda gives gyaan on the history of Politicians and their Pourne Identities! Facts mixed with humor and sarcasm. Go ahead!

    • Who ScorpioGenius
      What : Angels of a forgotten league
      Spicy : Anish brings up a very important subject of concern. A community of ‘sisters’ whom we know as Nurses — who look after us all night, when the doctor is peacefully sleeping, who cleans your waste when your ‘own’ people frown over it — are harassed, exploited and underpaid, majorly in India. Being a registered nurse himself, Anish takes this opportunity to put light on their plight and educate us with what is happening around us, that many often skip to notice.

    • Who : Aanchal
      What : A place called love…
      Spicy : Love and intimacy perfectly embodied with the nature’s paradise, in this beautiful poem by Aanchal.

    • Who : pravunplugged
      What : Celebrity Cricket League : Whattey!
      Spicy : IPL, BPL, EPL & CCL. Wait, what is CCL? Praveen has this post for our audience down south. This is a must read post which will leave you in splits. 🙂

    • Who : Shubham
      What : A facebook relationship!
      Spicy : This poem made us smile! An adorable poem on Facebook relationship, consisting of pokes, friend requests, and other things Facebooky, by Shubham. 🙂 Must read!

    • Who : Rituparna Ghosh
      What : Final Exams, Valentine’s Day & a Jailed Stalker!
      Spicy : It sometimes feels good to remember old days of school, crush, proposals and in Rituparna’s case, a stalker. She recalls an incident of her school days, when she was stalked by Rajesh during the valentine season. Go ahead and know what happened with her.

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