BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 4, ’12

Spicy Saturday Wikipedia says Feb 4, 2004 was the date when @facebook was founded. A very happy birthday to the Social Network that has changed lives. How many hours do you spend on Facebook? πŸ™‚ How many hours do you spend reading blogs? We are sure after reading the posts featured in our Spicy Saturday Picks, the time spent would be more. πŸ™‚

    • Who : Akshay
      What : I Love You Mom
      Spicy : Akshay brings forward a thought, that most of us have in our minds. Our parents, specially mothers, do a lot of sacrifices and adjustments for us. All we see is that she is a mother, and we expect her to do these things. We fail to see the woman who has left behind many things for our happiness. Akshay found the woman behind her mother, and shares the story here.

    • Who : Judy Balan
      What : The Girl Version of The One Night Stand
      Spicy : What an amazing concept Judy has created! A one night stand which has lots of conversations, and no sex. Meeting new people, having a fun time, without screwing up anything, and moreover, utilizing the time spent in something more meaningful, and definitely worth remembering. We loved the idea! Do read.

    • Who :Β Bhargavi Kashyap
      What : A lot like love πŸ™‚
      Spicy : Many times when two people of opposite sex hang out with each other, talk a lot, are caring for each other, they are labelled as couples, or in love. But before love, there are many stages – crush, attraction, infatuation, etc. Or maybe both of them just love each others company. It is hard for others to understand, but easy for the ones actually going through it. Here are two such people in this post, who just love each other’s company. Is it that hard to understand?

    • Who : Sweta Tiwary
      What : Shaadi Ke Side Effects
      Spicy : Shaadi ka ladoo jo khaye vo bhi pachtaye, jo na khaye vo bhi pachtaye. πŸ˜› Sweta lists some side effects of getting married, applicable to only women. Read and let her know if you have experienced any of it.

    • Who : revsjoiedevivre
      What : How I Met Your Father – 2
      Spicy : We often sit around our parents and grandparents, to listen to their stories, when they were of our age. How they got married, how was their school life, their relationship with siblings, etc. Revs here writes a letter to her kids, on how she met their father. πŸ™‚ Do read.

    • Who : Sandhya
      What : School Memories Of A 59 Year Old Mother! (Part – II)
      Spicy : Sandhya shares some school of her school memories with us, on how she used to draw in her drawing class, how she was a big Dharmendra fan, and of course, cricket! A 59 year old shares her memories through her series; do read the first part too.

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