BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jan. 10, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksMayawati and Mamata Banerjee, the two chief ministers who are regularly featuring on the front page of major newspapers for their work (antics). For one, it is the covering of the statues and for other it is the various political games. If you are bored of reading about these two people then let us read the Tangy Tuesday Picks for today.

    • Who : Mad MAdrasi
      What : Hi Prime Minister, after ‘THANE’, time to care
      Tangy : Recently, cyclone Thane hit the coast of Tamil Nadu and did the much expected damage for the cultivation and people staying there. This post is Mad Madrasi’s outburst when no necessary steps were taken to help the people affected by the cyclone. Read more to know the situation.

    • Who : Meera Sundarrajan
      What : THANE TUSSLES- Making hay in Tamilnadu!
      Tangy:: It is in difficult times that brings out real intentions of people. This is what we conclude after reading Meera’s post. She shares some of the unpleasant experiences, while she was working on helping ‘Thane’ victims along with an NGO. She narrates the unexpected behaviours of Government and even people working in her own NGO team. Do read.

    • Who : Neha
      What : Perverts, Go die!
      Tangy : Almost all women are eve-teased, touched/brushed or pinched by some perverted men. Neha is among these women who was targeted for such awful intentions. She tells us few of these incidents in this post. Neha, we sincerely hope that each time you come across such men (god forbid), the number of good folks multiply in your life. 🙂 And we strongly agree with Demure_me’s suggestions in comments (Point 1 & 3). 🙂 Do apply them in your life.

    • Who : Meetu
      What : Why Be A Mom?
      Tangy : Meetu is explaining the feeling of ‘being ready’ or not for being a mother. I don’t think you ever know for sure that you are ready, you feel you are. Did you also feel the same, as a mother? Read her post and see if you have similar thoughts.

    • Who : Ramesh Srivats
      What : 2011 : A Twitrospective
      Tangy : A Tvery Twice Twost! Twought tmiles on twour twface! 🙂 Ramesh Srivats accounts the year of 2011 in Tweets. A very humorous account indeed! Twrcommended! 😀

    • Who : Kaushambi
      What : India Auto Expo 2012 – Highlights & announcements!
      Tangy : You are surely to be in awe of these cars. Warning: Do not read this if you have to go for a meeting, have a date, or have planned something for your wife. Because you will not be able to get your eyes off the screen. 😉

    • Who : Lakshmi
      What : The Old World Charm: the Pols of Ahmedabad
      Tangy : Lakshmi Arvind introduces us to the Pols of Ahmedabad, which are typically the old residential areas and architecture dating back to 1917. Some very beautiful pictures take us to a tour of these places.

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