BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 24, ’11

Spicy Saturday ‘Ex-girlfriend blamed for govt’s social media censorship policy’, ‘Youth smashes fiancee’s head, hangs self’, ‘Pregnant Lara watches Don 2’. These are some of the headlines from the prominent newspapers which we read everyday. Comparing this with ‘Soldier and the Graveyard’, ‘Why do we need a reason’. Which type of headlines would you prefer reading? We are sure, it would be the latter and keeping that in mind we have some very interesting blog post titles which you will enjoy reading this weekend. Here they are.

    • Who : Saadut
      What : Solider and the Graveyard
      Spicy : We start with this brilliant and a thought provoking post by Saadut. Where did the promised Kashmir ‘summer’ go, the solider freezing in the obnoxious sandbag bunker wonders?. You have to read this!

    • Who Mata Ushy Kushy Ananda
      What : Old Whore In A New Brothel!
      Spicy : It’s impossible for humans to deliver without favour. The point I’m driving home is the fact that most of our laws are already excellent! We have failed at the level of implementation. A post which hits the nail right on the head. What do you think?

    • Who : Bandla
      What : Know your Smartphone Manufacturer Part 1
      Spicy : Indian History? Na. American History? Na. History of Cell Phones? Yea! How many of you know about the history of cell phones and its manufacturers? Bandla has this interesting post on the same.

    • Who : Gyanban
      What : Sapphic
      Spicy : Gyanban is known for his 55ers’ and poems. What happens when he ventures into a fiction writing? We get this awesome post with a very interesting twist. Nicely written.

    • Who : Vineet
      What : Why do We Need a Reason?
      Spicy : ‘Why do we need a reason?’. Sometimes you would have wondered right? Vineet has this poem asking the same. A very well composed poem. Do read.

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