BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 10, ’11

Spicy SaturdayThe earlier most preferred destination for IT companies, India, is no longer the hub of this industry. Microsoft Chairman says ‘choices are many’, when asked to comment on the ‘preferred destinations’. What do you think of India not being the hub anymore? For now, read this week’s best posts.

    • Who : Samit Malkani
      What : How Iris (Siri for Android) Drove Me Kolaveri!
      Spicy : So everyone is asking each other the same question: Why this Kolaveri? When someone asked Samit, he turned to his Droid, and tried to find the answers through Iris. Was Iris able to answer this most asked question? Find out the answer in this post!

    • Who : Archana Chari
      What : the name!
      Spicy : Archana defines the meaning of foodie according to her, and says a foodie is not someone who hogs on food. Very true! Have you met people who compare your waistline with your interest of exploring food? Then this post is a must read for you!

    • Who Fire Crystals
      What : Girls and Their Right to a Career
      Spicy : Fire Crystal dedicates her 100th post on writing about a girl, who has been devoid of her rights to study and make a career. Her father looks at her as just a duty, of getting her married, and is less worried about her future. Dear readers, what do you think Ananya can do other than to submit to the will of the father?

    • Who : Sugandha Banga
      What : Rafiki’s Priceless Lesson
      Spicy : What a commendable attempt by Sugandha! She reminds us life’s most important lessons, through this creation, with the wise character of Rafiki, a baboon of Lion King. Love is love and money, money. The latter is to work for, aim, earn and spendBut it’s the former that’ll ultimately stay.

    • Who : Akriti Bahal
      What : The Cries of My Mother
      Spicy : This post by Akriti is based on her mother. She is not only her mother, but for everyone in this world. And we have to take care of her. Here, this mother shares what she’s going through. Do you like to see her like this? Take same immediate steps to help her. Do read.

    • Who : Rohan Thomas
      What : The patient I’ll never forget
      Spicy : When you receive appreciation from a stranger, it surely gets edged in your mind. When someone doesn’t need to go that extra mile for you, and yet he/she does, it feels good. Something similar happened with Rohan, and the stranger in this case is his patient. Read his experience.

    • Who : Sirisha Achanta
      What : How I met you father!
      Spicy : Sirisha writes a letter to her daughter, which she probably will read after 15 years, and know how her parents met and got married. A sweet love story is penned here by Sirisha. And a great idea for all the parents! 🙂 Must read!

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