BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 22, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksStudying is now like a race: Rakeysh Mehra. A very interesting quote to start the day. The level of competition is increasing day by day. Is the coming generation going to feel the heat sooner than expected? How do we tackle it? Do let us know. Time is now ripe to read some interesting posts from the Indian Blogosphere. 🙂

    • Who : Rajesh Seety
      What : Why MANY smart people are not social?
      Tangy : Rajesh puts some smart and not smart people in 4 quadrants of social media, and informs us with the 7 unwritten rules of the same. Which category do you belong to? Watch out!

    • Who : Amreekandesi
      What : Maid In India
      Tangy:: Dear god, at this rate we are going to soon become America! – exclaims Amreenkan Desi. Guessing why is an Indian worried about being like America? Imagine that there is no maid left in India, and you have to all the work by yourself. What would be your reaction? 😉 See what Amreekan Desi is saying about the rising prices and incentives of the maid.

    • Who : Siddhartha
      What : Pushkar Fair…a fairytale…
      Tangy : Siddhartha visited Pushkar and shares with us his experience of being in the holy place. He has captured some lovely moments and people of Pushkar in his camera, and says the place completely rocks for anyone with a camera. Do have a look. 🙂

    • Who : Lavender
      What : My winter memories
      Tangy : Winter is slowly arriving and we all are gearing up to get those sweaters, shawls and zippers out of our wardrobe. Lavender recalls her winter memories of childhood days and posts in her blog. Do read, and also share yours.

    • Who : Surabhi Surendra
      What : Why are we so obsessed with beauty standards?
      Tangy : India is one country which is obsessed with ‘fair skin’. And many beauty products cash in by projecting the unsatisfied and rejected woman in their ads. Surabhi informs us with reasons why women get so conscious and de-motivated by their looks. Have a read and post your opinions.

    • Who : Smita
      What : Project – Buying Home In Mumbai – Part 1 (How dreams shatter)
      Tangy : Property rates in Mumbai are touching sky limits and everyone is aware about it. Home loans are the only option, but interest rates increase without any prior notice. Smita went house hunting in Mumbai, and didn’t quite have a good experience. She debunks the concept of payment in white and black money. Educate yourselves with this post. Also do check out the Part 2 of this series.

    • Who : Greatbong
      What : Memories of Eden Gardens
      Tangy : Greatbong makes us a part of his memories of visiting Eden Gardens as a child, in Kolkata. This ability to see beyond what the camera shows you, is what I have always felt is the greatest thing about watching the game at the ground. Very nice read.


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