BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 15, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksHave you heard of the ‘Valentich disappearance‘? Do you believe in the supernatural? Let us know what your thoughts are on the same? What do you think could have happened to Frederick Valentich? We also have some very interesting posts for you to read in our Tangy Tuesday Picks. Read them now.

    • Who : cynicallyengineered
      What : Letter To A Classmate Who “Just Wants To Settle Down”
      Tangy : Being a woman does not mean that you must bow to any and every situation you face. If things go wrong, FIGHT! Use the resources you’ve built over the years, says CE. He discusses on the notion that people have, of a seat getting wasted at university, if a woman just wants to get married thereafter. Read ahead.

    • Who : Chaitali Sengupta
      What : To Shaggy, with love
      Tangy:: A dog is a man’s best friend. And this post truly lives up to it. It’s Shaggy’s birthday, and Chaitali writes this letter to express her love for him. Do read.

    • Who : OG
      What : Advaitham
      Tangy : What is Advaitham? Ezuthukaran OG will tell you through this story. Do read his post and comment your views.

    • Who : Rajesh K
      What : The Temples of Kanchipuram
      Tangy : Rajesh K takes us to a tour of few temples in Kanchipuram, once known as ‘land of thousand temples’! Be a part of this tour and discover know more about these temples.

    • Who : Raju Parulekar
      Tangy : Anna Hazare’s former blogger Raju Parulekar, brings forward a handwritten and signed post written by Anna Hazare, given to him, regarding the changes in ‘Team Anna’. He also writes in his defense in this post. Do read.

    • Who : Cold Snap Dragon
      What : Responsibility and Privilege
      Tangy : What is privilege? When do you feel you are a privileged person? There’s privilege by way of race, caste, education, languages known, socio-economic background, gender, health, and religious affiliation. Read this blogger’s post.

    • Who : : Aditya
      What : How do you support Mr.Hazare?
      Tangy : How can we claim to give moral support to a movement against corruption and be immoral at the same time? Aditya Kumar writes down few instances of going against corruption and some indulging in the same. He also sheds light on the people, who are supporting Hazare in the wrong way. Do read.


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