BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Oct. 11, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksMobile Apps! How many of you think that these apps have made your life easier and simpler? There is always an other side to the coin. Scott Jensen believes ‘Mobile Apps must die‘. Which side of the coin are you supporting? Let us know. Time to read the best blog posts from the Indian Bloggers this week.

    • Who Daddy_san
      What : You may choose not to read this post and that’s OK
      Tangy : A very interesting view point comes across from Daddy San. Why one chooses to read a Chetan Bhagat over Rushdie, or decides to study in a particular college over other ‘famous’ ones, is completely ones personal choice. One cannot pinpoint another person if he/she chooses droid over mac, and vice versa. Freedom of choice must be respected if one exercises it. Do read this post and leave your comments.

    • Who : Naina Sethi
      What : Just Recently
      Tangy: There is no other joy greater in the world, than doing what you love doing. Satisfaction and self fulfillment gives you that energy to go on. Naina is doing just that. 🙂 Get inspired by reading her post.

    • Who : Judy Balan
      What : On 3:00 AM friendships
      Tangy : Did you know there are something called as 3 am friends? Well they are the ones who have the right to wake you up in middle of the night and rant, cry, irritate or even abuse you. 🙂 Judy prefers not having such friends, and also not being one. Why? Read her post to read her reasons. For Judy, har ek friend zaroori nahi hota hai. 😛

    • Who : Rajesh K
      What : Has ignoring parents in their old age become the latest fashion?
      Tangy : We see many kids who grow up, get married, settle abroad, and then forget their old parents, and leave them to take care of themselves or worse die because lack of support, love and proper care. Rajesh writes this post for all such selfish people.

    • Who AG
      What : An open-letter to all the “Bandh” callers of Arunachal Pradesh
      Tangy : Another letter in the ‘open letter’ trend, this time to the Bandh callers of Arunachal Pradesh. While everyone moans over frequent bandh’s, AG sarcastically tells you the benefits of such bandh’s. Do read!

    • Who : Cloud Nine
      What : NOBLE IS OURS!
      Tangy : Nivedita writes a humor post where three political women receive the Noble Prize. Gajalalita, Jayawati and Jiji are beaming with joy on receiving the prize! A fun read. 🙂

    • Who : Rakesh Holla
      What : The Journey into Amazing Caves…
      Tangy : Rakesh Holla went trekking to Charmadi Grasslands, in Western Ghats, Karnataka. He shares his experience of discovering beautiful caves and has posted some stunning pictures of the grasslands – nice views along with great photography. 🙂


Earlier they stood up for Child Sexual Awareness in April 2011. Now the team speaks for Violence Against Women, in the VAW Awareness Month – October, 2011. Violence Against Women is an effort to spread awareness about this dominating act against women, and an attempt to gather victims to share their story of victory and much more. Read the posts below supporting VAW Awareness Month.

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