BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks โ€“ Sep. 24, ’11

Spicy SaturdayThis week we lost one of India’s well known cricketers and a true gentleman, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi – India’s greatest cricket captain and champion of class and decency. May his soul R.I.P. ย Let us take a moment to remember his cricketing days… Here are the Spicy Saturday Picks for this week.

  • Who : Vikas P Goel for AmreekanDesi
    What : Open Letter to Steve Jobs
    Spicy : Vikas Goel writes an open letter to Steve Jobs where he tells him what features would he want in iPhone5. Some interesting features he has listed, and we hope iPhone5 makers are listening. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Who : Natasha Badhwar
    What : Thirty One
    Spicy : Natasha has brilliantly composed a poem, which binds a complete year within it. Every line has an experience to narrate. Natasha, we would love to see you write more such poems. ๐Ÿ™‚ Recommended read for all.

  • Who :ย K Balakumar
    What : Jamming sessions!
    Spicy : The never ending vestibule buses and the plight of the share-auto system is discussed in this post by K Balakumar. Do watch out for the attempted humorous start and end of the post. ๐Ÿ˜› He also relates the engineering colleges and IT companies to these buses. Know his views in this post.

  • Who : Anouradha Bakshi
    What : To be poor in India
    Spicy : We thought to become rich in India is a difficult thing to do, but with this post we realise, that to prove yourselves as poor is even more daunting task. Anouradha shares with us story of Ram Bacchan, who earns Rs. 4000 in a month, has a wife who earns Rs. 1500 and has 4 children. His expenses are more than his income. Yet he doesn’t get the below poverty line card by the Government, because according to the law, if you are spending Rs. 965 a month, only then you are labeled as poor. Anouradha bifurcates his expenditure in some statistics that are shocking! We recommend all of you to read this.

  • Who : Poet Mamma
    What : We, The People
    Spicy : Poet Mamma creatively ropes in our beliefs and problems of people in this poem. Anger and angst, Happiness and grief, Apathy, sympathy, Faith and disbelief, Bound by disparate emotions, Are We, the people. Some nice lines from her poem. Do read!

  • Who : Monika Manchanda
    What : The Auto Saga
    Spicy : Like Mumbai, Bangalore people are also facing the same situation; The ever arrogant auto-walla, who has almost swore to make our lives hell! Monika Manchanda lists 10 peculiar things and habits of these auto-wallas in this post.

  • Who : Ringhchen
    What : Sikkim’s worst earthquake
    Spicy : I’m sick of listening to debates on TV about how poorly Sikkim is connected to the rest of the country via road or train. Less talk and more action please, says Rinchen. She talks about the earthquake in Sikkim, and how everything came to a standstill, because of less facilities available. Also she says that safety is not bound with states, big cities are bomb blasted, while small ones are targeted by natural calamities. Do read her righteous views.

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