BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sep. 13, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksTwo days back, it was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 attacks which shook the world. What has changed in 10 years? Today we came across a post which will give you a side of the consequences of the attack. A consequence where many are racially profiled and checked based on colour and race. Have you experienced something like this? Share with us. Let us now read the weekly picks from the Indian Blogosphere.

  • Who Subhash
    What : The Classic era of Cartoon Network
    Tangy : Remember the days when we used to come back from school, and sit in front of the Television, tune in to Cartoon Network and watch Swat Kats, The Centurions and Dexter’s Laboratory? Let’s go back to our childhood days by remembering those cartoons with Subhash in this post.

  • Who : Kishore
    What : THE CHETAK DIARIES : PART – I, YEAR 1994 !!!
    Tangy: One of the most popular brand and scooter of those days, is remembered in this post by Kishore. He talks about the memories that his father’s Bajaj Chetak had offered to his family. And here we are happily singing ‘Hamara Bajaj!’ 🙂

  • Who : Narinder Singh
    What : For some vague reasons
    Tangy : Narinder Singh writes a post where he describes the girl whom he loves and the complications of feelings. Please note that this post has a few grammatical errors, but it is chosen because of the thought behind it.

  • Who : Divenita
    What : Ganpath Rao
    Tangy : Divenita writes a short story of an 80 year old man Ganpath, and shows us how a complete stranger changed Ganpath’s life and filled it with sweet memories. Do read.

  • Who Rani Bang
    What : Art Of Healing Among India’s Poorest: A Remarkable Woman Doctor’s Story
    Tangy : Rani Bang is a doctor, who, along with her husband, treats rural people of Gadchiroli, a district in central India known for its remarkable tribal traditions as for its underdevelopment. She shares how she got inspired to do such noble work, and how the she tries to educate the dais and uplift the sex workers of this region. She is doing a commendable job, for which one requires a lot of courage, determination, and humbleness to do something for the society and the underdeveloped strata.

  • Who : Sidvee
    What : Rafael Nadal and the crusade against the ‘impossible’
    Tangy : Sidvee admires the way Rafael Nadal plays and his fashion of treating the ball, every time it is thrown towards him. He appears to play an extreme, magnified form of table-tennis. This is what Sidvee says about him, and he rightly says that no TV camera can capture the extent of Nadal’s ambition.

  • Who : Rajesh K
    What : My Autobiography: My tryst with Leadership & What I understood very early!
    Tangy : At sixth grade it wasn’t very difficult and vote for a class monitor; we made the democracy work for us, and used to vote for the person whom we know would be lenient with us. What happens then when we cross age of 18 and start choosing people to run the country? Very simply yet effectively Rajesh brings about this analysis in front of us through this post.

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