BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug. 2, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksAugust is here! The month where we celebrate Independence and the month where this Adda was born 3 years ago. Lot of exciting things are happening and will continue to happen in the future. Let us read the best blog posts from the Indian blogosphere which buzzes with activities every second.

  • Who Mohan
    What : Nasser Hussain’s underpants…
    Tangy : Naseer Hussain had a hard time explaining his kids about the Harbhajan Singh’s ‘out’ decision and got his underpants in a terrible knot! Mohan tries to imagine how he would’ve explained this to his kids, in a hilarious post. Do read!

  • Who : Madhuri Banerjee
    What : Empty: A Poem.A Life.
    Tangy : Madhuri Banerjee writes a poem describing the emptiness of one’s life. Some very true lines from her poem: No don’t! Don’t hope. Hope is a dangerous thing. I dare not dream of a better tomorrow. What if it’s like today? Looking at current situations, can we really hope for a better tomorrow? Is our hope dying?

  • Who : Uma
    What : Housework for the man
    Tangy : In most Indian households, a man is usually not expected to contribute in household work. They either have their mother, sister, wife or a maid at their service always. Uma here discusses about this behaviour and suggests that when a child is old enough to understand instructions, he or she must be trained to pitch in with the chores, that in-turn would be beneficial to them as well in the long run. Have a read and share your views.

  • Who : Sunita Kurup
    What : Engagement – To Break or Not to Break !!!
    Tangy : Our Indian society holds many norms and traditions, which play a very important part in the decisions that the elders of our family take. Calling off a marriage or an engagement is definitely a tough decision to take, but in the long run, it is for the betterment of those two individuals and therefore the family as well. But the ever famous thinking – “What will the society say?” comes in everyone’s way, and dampens individual interests. A post on these lines by Sunita.

  • Who Ashish Kalsi
    What : The TAM-BRAHM wedding
    Tangy : Weddings – some like to attend them, while some find it very boring. Ashish Kalsi belongs to the latter category of people. Yet he attended a wedding – A Tamil-Brahman wedding. He shares with us the experience of attending a modernised version of the said wedding. Must read for all!

  • Who : Snowleopord
    What : Govind Tiwary supporters run riot over a cracked article
    Tangy : The famous Govind Tiwary of blinking-eyelids, or rather battling eyelashes fame, is very upset since his blog is not listed in the 8 Worst Types of Blog by US Based Cracked Magazine. His followers have started a riot over this. If you think he should be in the top 8 worst blogs, then do support the cause! 😛

  • Who : Mahul
    What : BHAAG!!
    Tangy : The world is but a rat race, and in this race many people are diverting from their goal. According to Mahul, we as a generation are losing out on creativity. Life is short. Let’s make it more meaningful. Do read Mahul’s post to get inspired. 🙂

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