Perky Tweets – Jul 11, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsA Minister in Maharashtra is all set to open a temple in Baramati for himself. It will have three vaults similar to Lord Padmanabaswamy temple and will have his sleeping posture as the Idol. Not only that, there will be a secret tunnel connected to his house, so that he can make a visit whenever he wants to. #fakingnews Continue smiling as we have more funny tweets lined up to drive away your Monday blues.

Ian bishop thinks the windies are in with a chance. yeah. and i play in the NBA.

Also in the offing. Ms Hillary Clinton lecturing Pakistan over terror from Chennai/ Delhi in another 8 days time.

To all girls who die for “zero figure” remember real men go for curves, only dogs go for bones.

Has anyone ever got married over Twitter? Like exchange vows here and all. Enough witnesses for free..

UP govt ignoring farmers’ needs, says Rahul Gandhi. That’s so not true. They’ve always taken very good care of Big B.

With free cattle being provided, Jayalalitha is playing a real life political game called Ammaville.

Pune ka taapmaan gir chuka hai, bilkul yahan k mardon k tarah aur musaladhaar barsaat ki ashankha hai.r

Hmmm. Kumaraswamy who started dieting yesterday saw his blood sugar level rise from 215 to 315!

I am using Dabr Chyawanprash as my Twitter client ! #FTW

I am sure, if my professor keeps his classes in a brothel, I will even sleep there!

I must be the only one from humankind who is watching Lok Sabha TV right now. I deserve Padma Shri for this.

Rahul says “Hum Vikas ke khilaaf nahin hain”. Vikas heaves a sigh of relief.

@krtgrphr You close your eyes, put all your focus on your upper thighs, get on your toes and push.

FB Chat : “So what do you do Naina?” Me : Unfriend.

Breaking: Sharad Pawar renames himself to Lord Padmanabhaswamy

Rahul Gandhi to farmers : aapki bhains kitne metre doodh deti hai.:-))

#QuoteOfTheDay #PerkyTweets “Contact me on Google+. I’m so over Facebook.”

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire PR Managers #perkytweets

To err is human. To Shekhar, Suman. #perkytweets

Man : I want to buy a ladies watch. Shopkeeper : Is it for your wife or shall I show a branded one..? 😛 #perkytweets

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