BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 9, ’11

Spicy Saturday‘Soon, LPG refills may cost you Rs 800’. Many of us were welcomed by this news in the morning. Do not worry and do not think much about it. All these are government’s ploy to make us eat more from outside. Here are some refreshing posts which will make you forget all the bad things that happened over the week and start the new week afresh. Read them now.

  • Who : Ashish Kalsi
    What : The curse of the stereotype – The North Indian Vs South Indian Debate
    Spicy : Have you come across stereotypes of North Indian and South Indian? Ashish is a Punjabi who is born and brought up in Hyderabad. He talks about the ever famous North Indian-South Indian divide and the stereotypes build up by people. Must read for all. 🙂

  • Who : Rujuta
    What : Of Chalks and Chopsticks : Just One Cup of Tea
    Spicy : It’s interesting how just one cup of tea could save lives. More than that, it is the bonding over that one cup of tea, that Mrs. Mehta and Mrs. Thakur had build. Do read this post while you have your ek cup chai. 🙂

  • Who Deepti Kadam
    What : La La Land – Part-1
    Spicy : Sheryl, a cat, enters the La La Land. This was the first time she was alone, without Momma Cat and Daddy Cat. Deepti tells us the experiences of this kitty in an unknown world. Read ahead.

  • Who : Sakshi
    What : The World of Reflectors
    Spicy : Faith is one thing, from which you gain courage and strength to go on. I consider this world to be full of reflectors and one ultimate source of energy. I believe that whatever we believe in, gets strengthened with our faith. These are the thoughts that Sakshi pens down in this post. What are your views?

  • Who : Nilesh Mathur
    What : भूल कर मुस्कुराना
    Spicy : In our day to day lives, running after materialistic luxuries, we have forgotten how it is to live our lives. We have forgotten to have a satisfying smile on our face, we require laughter clubs and comedy shows to laugh now. ना जाने क्या हुआ है, आज इंसान को, भूल कर मुस्कुराना, ओढ़ ली है चादर विषाद की…very true lines from Nilesh Mathur’s poem. Must read!

  • Who : L. Aruna Dhir
    What : Life would be so lonesome, if not for them!
    Spicy : We are surrounded by gadgets and machinery…Pen ki nib se leke pant ki zip tak, hum machino se ghire hue hai, as Aamir Khan says in 3 Idiots. 🙂 Aruna Dhir talks about the gadget of her life, The Mobile Phone! Also, she tells us about the good people, who call you for loans, products and so many things. See how much they care for you. 😛 Recommended read! 🙂

  • Who : Nita C
    What : When TRP’s take over
    Spicy : As the title suggests, when TRP’s take over, the result it what you see currently on the news channels on the idiot box. If not for the television serials, the news channels will surely make you an idiot. Aishwarya’s pregnancy flooding the news channels and making headlines of Ram Gopal Verma’s next film, are few examples of how they work. All this and much more about them is discussed by Nita in this post.

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