BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 2, ’11

Spicy SaturdayFor every parent, their children are the stars of the eyes. ‘I wanted my son to be out’ says the father of Joseph Jerome who has killed an innocent man, cut his body into pieces and then burnt it. What would be going on in the minds of Neeraj Grover’s parents? Should the parents of Jerome support Neeraj Grover’s parents now?There are some brilliant posts for you to read this Saturday starting with a story about a boy called ‘Jameel’. Read on…

  • Who : Unfairandlovely
    What : Jameel
    Spicy : We start this week’s picks with a post by unfairandlovely. A piece on a boy called ‘Jameel’ and her conversations with him. A must read.

  • Who : Senthil
    What : Contradictions in “Team Anna”
    Spicy : There are always two sides to a coin. Senthil through this post highlights the contradictions in the Team Anna’s Lokpal version. For all those who are interested in seeing the other side of Lokpak bill, read this post.

  • Who Vasundhra
    What : My religious divide
    Spicy : There are many who feel that times are changing and we need to change with the time. Vasundhra has a very different view and it makes even more interesting coming from someone in the current generation. Many in her generation want company to go to malls and pubs but Vasundhra says ‘I want temple company, dammit’. This is why this post is different. Read it now.

  • Who : Anand Philip
    What : Social Media Addiction Confusion
    Spicy : Another Social Network was launched by Google a few days back. Another network which can contribute to internet addiction. Anand has this post where he goes into the psychology behind these addictions and tries to clear the confusion. Interested in psychology? A post which you should not miss then.

  • Who : Siddesh K
    What : Dupatta: The anomaly of being Indian
    Spicy : Change is coming, believes Siddesh through this post. He goes back into the history and states many facts which makes him believe that change is indeed coming. Let us go back in time. 🙂

  • Who : Bhargav Prasanna for NTMN
    What : A Short Story of an Indian Engineer | A Talent, Undone
    Spicy : Bhargav has this story about VSRYVSS Rao who is earning a 7 figure salary but is doing something which he doesn’t want to do. There are many such Rao’s around us. To all the future parents and the current ones, you can make a difference. Do not read it later. 😛

  • Who : Deepazart
    What : The Silent Sentinel
    Spicy : If Deepazart’s would have gone Rao’s way, we would not have seen this awesome works of Art from her stable. Here is a post which is a combination of a poem, glass painting and commission work. Check out this post and encourage her to come up with more such gems.

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