BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – May. 14, ’11

Spicy SaturdayThe Women Power rises in Bengal and Tamil Nadu. After 34 years of rule in Bengal, the left gets routed. Likewise in Tamil Nadu, people were wanting a change. Are these the winds of change? Can we now see some action being taken against those involved in 2G Scam? Time will tell. Till then, here are the Spicy Saturday Picks for you to read this weekend. .

  • Who : World Watcher
    What : Oh Calcutta…
    Spicy : Bengal has undergone many changes in the past decade. From people, nuclear plants, etc. As said, change is the only constant thing in the world. But is every change good enough? Judge it by reading this post.

  • Who : Sourav Sengupta
    What : Reflections on the Death of a Terrorist
    Spicy : The death of Osama Bin Laden has still not left our minds and news. One among those minds is of Sourav and he pens down his reflections on the death of this terrorist and recalls the horrifying moments that he showed to the world.

  • Who Meera Sundararajan
    Spicy : Two states of India are ruled by women and we have some strong women in the political scenario. Do you judge the leader in power based on their sex? Or expect a different approach if the leader is a woman? Our Notable Newbie Meera unveils this perspective and shares her views.

  • Who : Neeraj Bhushan
    What : Friday, the 13th: When Red turned Green in West Bengal
    Spicy : Yesterday Trinamool Congress won the elections in Bengal, headed by one dedicated woman – Mamta Banerjee. The change has arrived is what Neeraj says through this post. Victory saga ahead!

  • Who : Bishwanath Ghosh
    What : Life in a Metro: The Mind of a Mother
    Spicy : A mother’s heart knows only how to melt when it comes to her children. She can get angry, she can complain about her child, but can never hate them. One such true story will prove this to you. Have a read!

  • Who : Anouradha Bakshi
    What : Message from a mother
    Spicy : I do not need a mother’s day to honour Kamala. I do it every day, says Anuradha. She shares with us the learnings that her mother taught her and an extract from her mother’s diary. Such is the love of a mother. 🙂

  • Who : Shanvy
    What : The Special Person!!! – A Story
    Spicy : Everyone has some support from a special person who is behind their success. Anitha is one among the those. Who is the special person? Discover in this post.

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