BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr. 26, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksKanimozhi, Kalmadi, Sonia, Pawar, Chakravarthy, Sathyajit, These are the names that will hog the headlines this coming week for various reasons but one thing binds them all. Money! DG, Avanti, Kalyan, Gayatri, Masoom and others will be hogging the headlines of the Indian Blogosphere as their blogposts feature in this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks. Read on.

  • Who Desi Girl
    What : Desi Sisters: Nemesis of Brothers
    Tangy : Desi Girl has pointed out a very interesting point. Often we see, that in a typical Indian household, a brother is always given more importance. A sister is usually dependent on her brother. Yet another point of discrimination brought up by Desi Girl. Have a read.

  • Who : Avanti
    What : Like a Bird
    Tangy : Ever imagined how it would be to like a bird? Light, airy, free…! Try paragliding and you will feel the same. Avanti had the experience and she describes it in this post.

  • Who : Kalyan Karmakar
    What : Good Morning Mumbai…Maharashtrian breakfast at Prakash, Mahim
    Tangy : If you are looking out to have a typical Maharashtrian breakfast, then do read this post by Kalyan. He explores the authentic food of Maharashtra and shares with us his experience. 🙂

  • Who : Gayatri Vishwanathan
    What : A Karmayogi for the little girl, a God for others
    Tangy : Sathya Sai Baba, who was looked upto by many in India, passed away on the day of Easter. Gayatri writes down about the sad demise of this Karmayogi — One good soul less in the pond of grey individuals.

  • Who Objective Onlooker
    What : ‘Two States’- The Story of my Parents’ Marriage
    Tangy : A Nepali girl marries a Punjabi boy. Lot’s of drama and opposition was faced by both, but they didn’t budge and got married. Very filmy no? AK is the result of this filmy marriage and she shares with us the story of this duo who have completed 21 years of successful marriage — her parents! 🙂 Do have read.

  • Who : Masoom R. Minawala
    What : Just a thought – The end of Couture?
    Tangy : We all love the creations of the designers on the runway. But how many of these designer clothes are seen in the stores? Why are the biggest designer houses designing only for the ‘convenient’ buyer? Masoom has a very interesting thought and asks, is this the end of couture? Do let her know your views.

  • Who : BRV Sabu Mangalasserril
    What : Adfunda – Positioning condundrum – Part 1
    Tangy : When brand positioning is like romance, it surely becomes fun and interesting. Sabu educates you with the tricks of the trade in this post. Head over!

Posts from Indian Bloggers on Child Sexual Awareness Month:

In the last 26 days, we have read and seen people opening up. Some posts which have made you cry and some have made you ponder on why they were silent all these years. Read the following posts and it will make you realize how rampant it is. Child Sexual Abuse is rampant and we need to stop it.

If you can’t stop it, the least could do is to spread awareness, not only among children, but also among parents. You can do this with the help of Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month which is started by few concerned ladies. Read what they have to share.

Also do read these Survivor Stories. CSA Survivor Story – 31, CSA Survivor Story – 24.

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