Visual Perky Tweets Apr 8, ‘11

Friday brings along a relief of the nearing weekend but for all the adda-ites it comes along with Visual Perkytweets as well! Scroll down for some giggles and laughter!

New Blue Ray Player! – @TheCoffeeNazi

Lasith Malinga – Before and After the WC finals. Bwahhaha. #wc11-

Hey hey, I never pledged to strip – @diogeneb

Hahaha Batman and Sachin – @St_Hill

Hahaha Batman and Sachin

Tapli Kisne maara? – @mihirfadavnis

Tapli Kisne maara?

Hope that you enjoyed viewing these. Do check out the earlier versions of Visual Perky Tweets and have fun. Tip us using #Vperkytweets to get featured in our weekly edition of Visual Perky Tweets.

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